Dolphins Saturday Mailbag: Tua, OBJ, Wilkins, Schedule, and More

Tua Tagovailoa's contract situation, whether the Dolphins will miss Christian Wilkins or Connor Williams more are among the Miami Dolphins issues we tackle
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Part 1 of a SI Fan Nation Dolphins weekend mailbag:

From Daniel (@dani_mo17):

Is there any chance to see more on Cam Smith this year? Maybe competing for the CB#2 spot?

Salut Daniel, based on what we saw in training camp last year, I was very surprised by what happened with him not getting snaps on defense. I absolutely think there’s a very good possibility he’ll be a factor in 2024, but looking for him to be the second cornerback might be too much, in my opinion, because Jalen Ramsey and Kendall Fuller will be your starters unless one of them is used in a safety or “star” type of role.

From Bob (@Ghouleh):

:) Hi Alain. Question: does ultra realistic, which is a definition for depression, sports reporting affect the performance of teams/athletes or does a softer, more rosy approach lift teams and fan bases to greatness? And are there any internal studies on this idea?

Hey Bob, this is a very interesting question, but, no, I’m not aware of any studies. And also understand it’s not the job of the media to be cheerleaders, but rather to be objective and impartial observers and analysts. I also think a “rosy approach” is a disservice to those who want good, solid analysis. Besides, there are plenty of fan sites and podcasters to fill that need if that’s what you crave.

From Bubba (@bubbakeez):

It’s too early but do you believe Chop can be the next Cam Wake. Both are from Penn State, both are 6-3 and 240-255lbs, both ran a 4.5-4.6 40-yard dash. Are the skills similar?

Hey Bubba, it is indeed way too early, but they are similarly shaped and neither had great production in college (sacks wise), though Cam Wake was an off-the-ball linebacker at Penn State (when he was Derek Wake). Given Robinson’s freakish athletic ability, there absolutely is a very high ceiling there, but we’ll have to wait to see if he can translate that into production in the NFL.

From FZB (@fzb3346):

Since the NFL changed the rules for a 3rd QB on game day, I think most teams will only keep two on the roster , you agree ?.. and who stays as Tua’s main backup?

Hey FZB, yes, I do think the Dolphins will end up keeping only two quarterbacks on the roster and I’d be shocked if that second QB wasn’t Mike White.

From Jason (@Pug1988):

Do you think the playoff seeding should be altered? For example, if a wild-card team has a better record than a divisional winner, the wild-card team should get the home game.

Hey Jason, my only problem with this is that if we do that, we might as well do away with divisions. And I do think there should be a reward for winning a division title beyond making the playoffs. It does suck when a 9-8 or 8-9 team gets a home playoff game against an 11-6 team, say, but divisional strength is cyclical. But I’d leave it the way it is.

From James (@Jay7kilo):

How many receivers and running backs do you think make the roster?

Hey James, I would think there would be a total of 10 between the two positions and right now I’d lead toward six wide receivers and four running backs (not counting Alec Ingold).

From Dave (@angryvet59):

I think it's a matter of when not if a Tua extension gets done, although I'm in camp of playing on 5th year option. With the Goff deal done & other QBs pending, would it not be good business sense to get his done sooner rather than later? Still love the Podcast Alain!

Hey Dave, first off thanks on the podcast comments. I certainly would encourage everyone to check it out. If the Dolphins are intent on giving Tua his extension, it would behoove them to do it sooner rather than later, absolutely. But the question has been and will continue to be exactly how much they’re willing to pay Tua. And this is where it gets complicated.

From Olive Grove Jon (@Owlizee):

Hey Alain, who do you think will make the bigger impact with the team, OBJ or Jonnu Smith?

Hey OGJ, that is a very good question, but even though I love the acquisition of Jonnu Smith, the last two years have shown a third wide receiver likely will be featured more than a tight end. And then if something happens to either Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle, then OBJ will become very important on offense and could have a big impact.

From Common Reader (@SnackService1):

Which combo will the Fins miss the most? Connor Williams and Rob Hunt or Christian Wilkins and Raekwon Davis?

Hey CR, another very good question. Because the offensive design and the talent on offense help make the line’s job much easier than it is for other teams, I’m going to go ahead and go with the Dolphins missing Wilkins and Davis more.

From Miami mark (@MarkWardlaw97):

How’d you like the Fins schedule reveal?

Hey Mark, I like the overall concept of playing on the team’s speed, which is its calling card. But it loses points because the Dolphins had to produce a second graphic with all the games. So I’d give it a C and I think it really would have worked if they had done the ultra-speedy thing they did, then put a graphic about how they were going to do it in slow motion so everybody actually could see and then show the games clearly in slo-mo. Not that I’m a video director or anything, but that would have been really good to me.

From Lloyd Heilbrunn (@LloydHeilbrunn):

Please explain how your plan to have Tua play on the fifth-year option actually differs from the mistake that Chris Grier made with Christian Wilkins? He's not going to get cheaper next season, especially with $150 million from Netflix likely increasing the salary cap...

Hey Lloyd, where I’m going to correct you is suggesting “mistake” with Wilkins because we have to understand the Dolphins made the conscious decision to let him go this offseason when they could have used the franchise tag on him or re-signed him to an extension. So if Tua duplicates what Wilkins did with a great season during his fifth-year option, then the Dolphins can choose to make a different decision next offseason, whether it be giving him his extension then or putting the franchise tag on him. So, no, it’s not exactly the same thing.

From Andrew Walker #FBPE #Rejoin (@nafl0d):

What does a tryout player at the rookie camp have to show the coaches to get a contract offer, like the three additions after last weekend?

Hey Andrew, you’re referring to Ireland Brown, Jaime Mitre and Mario Kendricks, and we haven’t spoken to Mike McDaniel since that happened to ask what it was about them that appealed to the Dolphins, but they clearly made some kind of impression, whether it be with their ability to retain the information they were given before practice or with some kind of physical trait.

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