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Daily Hunt | Oct. 31 Part 1 | Fans Should Focus on the Pick, Not Player in Trade with Rams

Dolphins fans seem upset with Miami's choice to take on Aqib Talib's contract in order to gain another fifth-round pick in the 2020 draft.

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On today's episode of The Daily Hunt:

Dolphins fans seem annoyed that the team spent $4.24 million for Aqib Talib's contract, along with a fifth-round pick. Talib, a Pro Bowl cornerback, has spent most of the season on injured reserve and it is likely he wont play a game this season. 

However, he is eligible to return late in the year and the Dolphins may even look to pair him with Xavien Howard for a season or two. Talib is a five-time Pro Bowl cornerback and was an All-Pro back in 2016. He has 35 interceptions and five forced fumbles in his career. 

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The Dolphins basically did what the Browns did back in 2017, taking on a contract for a draft pick in return. Miami has the money to spend with roughly $30 million in cap space available this season alone. 

For the Rams, they're likely creating cap space in order to give newly-signed Jalen Ramsey a long-term deal. 

Compensation picks still need to be figured out, but it is likely the Dolphins will have 14 picks in next year's draft. They currently own the first-round picks of both Pittsburgh and Houston. After moving back in the draft last year they obtained a second-round pick from the saints. Miami will have only one third-round pick, but roughly five picks in rounds four through six.