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The Dolphins (0-6) are set to take on the Steelers (2-4) tonight on Monday Night Football.  Join Luis Sung and the rest of the Dolphin Maven staff as they bring you up the minute updates on tonight's game.

1st Quarter

The Miami Dolphins received first, and while they didn't score on their first drive, the returning Xavien Howard took it right back for them to try again in excellent field position.

And the Dolphins strike first with some help from Albert Wilson and Preston Williams!

Dolphins 7 - Steelers 0

Dolphins didn't manage to get a second interception, but they do force a turnover on downs. Miami defense is seriously giving it their all. Credit nose tackle John Jenkins for being disruptive.

Touchdown Dolphins! Preston Williams helps them drive down the field, and then Allen Hurns muscles his way through the secondary and gets over the goal line with help from Mark Walton!

Dolphins 14 - Steelers 0

2nd Quarter

Defense came to play tonight. Xavien Howard almost intercepted Rudolph again, and Jerome Baker and Taco Charlton just teamed up to ruin the Steelers' drive and force a punt. They're getting better.

Steelers starting to find some momentum, but Dolphins aren't making it easy.

All the Steelers managed to get was a field goal. Miami is playing their hearts out on Monday Night Football.

Dolphins 14 - Steelers 3

Minkah Fitzpatrick just got his revenge on the Dolphins for allegedly misusing him. He picks off Ryan Fitzpatrick on a tip drill. Steelers going to try and push to score before the half ends.

INJURY: Ken Webster down with an apparent leg injury. Being carted off.

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And the Steelers score as the Dolphins defense had a complete collapse. No idea why they had so many players blitzing on 3rd and 20. Bad decision by the coaching there.

Dolphins 14 - Steelers 10

3rd Quarter

Dolphins defense slipping on the first drive of the second half. Not good.

Fortunately, Miami is a scrappy bunch of fighters, and Jomal Wiltz ends the drive with a pass breakup. Then, the Steelers miss a 54-yard field goal. If the Dolphins can score on this drive, the momentum can shift.

Instead, Dolphins don't even go three and out, as Minkah Fitzpatrick intercepts Ryan Fitzpatrick for the second time. However, that deep pass was almost a punt, now Pittsburgh is pinned back deep.

And Chris Lammons gets beat by JuJu Smith-Schuster for a touchdown. All the way down the field. Xavien Howard was not on the field for much of that drive.

Steelers 17 - Dolphins 14

4th Quarter

INJURY: Xavien Howard questionable to return with a knee injury. Ken Webster OUT with an ankle.

Brian Flores was furious with the refs for a while after a 4th down conversion was overturned. Like, fuming mad.

And James Conner runs right up the middle for a touchdown. Dolphins second half woes continue. They seem to have figured out the first half, second not so much.

Steelers 24 - Dolphins 14

Dolphins were driving, but then Mark Walton fumbled on a screen pass. Tanking continues unfortunately (or fortunately depending on point of view).

Another fumble - this time by Ryan Fitzpatrick - leads to three more points by Pittsburgh.

Steelers 27 - Dolphins 14