Josh Rosen is excited to start the next chapter of his career in Miami


The narrative surrounding Josh Rosen had been a tough one. Before being traded to Miami, a handful of different reports started to develop calling the second-year quarterback a bad leader a teammate.

Plenty of players and coaches have since came out to defend Rosen and dispute the rumors, but one person has yet to speak out regarding Rosen, or even talk to him directly.

Yesterday, on the phone with Rich Eisen in an interview for the Rich Eisen show, Rosen explained his communication, or lack of communication with Cardinals general manager Steve Keim.

“One minute before the draft I got a call from Kliff (Kingsbury) saying they were going to draft Kyler,” Rosen said in the phone interview. “I have the most respect for Kliff, but I appreciate how he acted like a man and was very respectful. That’s all you can ask in this game.”

Rosen gave a shout out to just about everyone in the building from the kitchen crew to the trainers, saying he loves everyone in that building outside two or three people. One of the people he never heard from was the decision maker in Arizona.

“The only thing that truly did frustrate me is how I am yet to hear from my old [General Manager],” Rosen explained. “I didn’t talk to him before [the draft] and I still haven’t heard from him after. It’s frustrating but I am ready to put that chapter behind me.”

Rosen continued to sound appreciative of his time in Arizona and wished Kyler Murray the best. Before he spoke of his time in Arizona, Rosen dove into how excited he is to play in Miami and start a new chapter of his career.

“I am finding my way around the building and not walking into the receivers room thinking it’s a bathroom anymore.” Rosen said. “I’ve been breaking down the playbook and getting used to the heat. I’ve been more and more excited every day.”

The goal in Miami is for Rosen to have a group that believes in him, something he lacked in Arizona. While first-year coach Brian Flores has preached the importance of competition and how everyone will have to work for a starting job, it seems that is light years better than the situation in Arizona, in which Rosen was left in the dark.

Ex-quarterback Trent Dilfer texted the second year pro saying how it was the perfect system for Rosen to be a part of, saying it will challenge him mentally.

“The playbook is awesome, it’s straight from the Patriots with some flavor from a few assistant coaches,” Rosen explained. “I am really excited about what we can do. Coach Caldwell has been teaching things he’s been preaching his whole career. My motto has been to improve every day.”

The goal for Rosen’s time in Miami is to give the UCLA alum every opportunity to win the Dolphins starting job. It is important to keep in mind, that even if the Dolphins draft a quarterback in the first round of the 2020 draft Rosen can still win the starting job in Miami. Coach Flores is focused on competition as it brings the best out of everyone.

With a new approach that is focused on communication and hard work, Miami looks to give Rosen the one thing he never received in Arizona… a fair chance.