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Brian Flores November 1 Takeaways

The Miami Dolphins head coach looked back on the Dolphins' 26-11 loss against the Buffalo Bills and touched on other team-related topics

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores conducted his usual day-after-the-game media session Monday in the aftermath of Miami's 26-11 loss against the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium.

Here were the highlights of that media session:

-- The first question, right off the bat, is whether the Dolphins will acquire a starting-caliber quarterback before the trade deadline, and Flores declines to answer beyond repeat that, "Tua is our quarterback."

-- Flores denies any suggestions that it was he and not Josh Boyer who made the defensive calls in the second half at Buffalo.

-- Flores says his conversations with his players focused on the game yesterday, and not the trade deadline.

-- There's a question about the passing game and the high numbers of attempts, and Flores says the Dolphins haven't created the balance that the team wants. Says score has been an issue.

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-- In reference to Flores sitting for a while Sunday before addressing the media, the head coach talks about the disappointment of the season. Says he wants to do better for the fans and same goes for the players. And looking for answers.

-- Flores says he's tried to look back on past experiences that were similar, but points out that circumstances always are different.

-- Preston Williams and Sheldrick Redwine both will be at practice this week after not making the trip to Buffalo because of disciplinary reasons.

-- The team did some good things Sunday, Flores says, and also played hard.

-- The Dolphins haven't generated many sacks, but Flores goes back to the issue of getting pressures and affecting the quarterback. Flores correctly points out that the defense affected Josh Allen on Sunday even though there was no sack recorded.

-- Will Fuller V and Michael Deiter are still week to week and will not return to practice this week.

-- Regarding the young offensive  linemen, Flores says they have played well in spurts and not so well in others. Says Austin Jackson's transitions at guard has gone well, and says it's the right spot for him. Same goes for Robert Hunt.

-- Flores is pressed again about refusing to rule out a trade and says that saying that Tua is his quarterback is his way of answering.