Brian Flores September 27 Takeaways

Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores looked back on the Dolphins' 31-28 overtime loss against the Las Vegas Raiders and touched on other team-related topics
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Dolphins head coach Brian Flores conducted his usual day-after-the-game media session Monday in the aftermath of Miami's 31-28 overtime loss against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium.

Here were the highlights of that media session:

-- First question is about Austin Jackson and whether he remains the starting left tackle, and Flores says there's always competition every week. Adds that Jackson did some good things against Las Vegas.

-- The offensive line did some good things, but some things could be done better. Said he liked the communication. "I think it's a group we can move forward with."

-- In terms of the running game, Flores says the Dolphins were able to get it going a bit but not consistently enough. "We'll try to build on that."

-- Tua Tagovailoa was on the sideline for the Vegas game. "He's getting better each day. He wanted to be with his teammates and support his teammates."

-- Regarding the lack of deep passing, Flores says "every week you're trying to create explosive plays but when you get in a game you gotta take what they give you."

-- Flores says the decision to kick the field goal in overtime was made based on good things the defense had been doing and confidence in Jason Sanders making the kick. "We wanted to extend the game." Flores says the decision was pretty clear to kick the field goal.

-- Flores says there's never a point where taking what the defense gives you becomes counterproductive on offense. "I don't think it becomes inefficient. The smart thing is to take what they give you."

-- Will Fuller V looked good. "Wish we would have a few more opportunities. It was good to have him out there."

-- The run defense has done a good job in spurts. "We've run into some issues when ... everyone is trying to make a play. It's genuine and it's sincere, but we had a couple of guys get out of their gaps trying to make a play and it was to our demise."