Dolphins Conduct their First Practice

Alain Poupart

The Miami Dolphins are still five days away from their first padded practice of training camp, but they took another step in their preparation as they joined all the other teams in the league for their first on-field practice.

The practice came after days of strength and conditioning and walk-throughs, the so-called acclimation period.

Jakeem Grant
Miami Dolphins

The media was not allowed to watch practice Wednesday, but video put out on social media by the team offered some glimpses at what took place — and most of it was encouraging.

Perhaps the best sight was wide receiver Preston Williams making a one-handed catch in the corner of the end zone.

It's significant because Williams looked like he was moving fluidly and this was a question mark after he tore his ACL against the New York Jets last November following his strong start as a rookie free agent.

And, of course, there was Tua, the footage released by the Dolphins showed him firing a strike to Jakeem Grant in the end zone on a deep slant.

Of course, it's not like the Dolphins would release footage of a throw wildly off target, but that pass to Grant looked an awful lot like a lot of passes that Tua threw during his time at the University of Alabama.

The Dolphins will be back on the field for the next few days with a day off throw in before they start their padded practices Monday.

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No. 1-1

So glad to see live action! And, I'm psyched to see all 3 Dolphins QBs in action this (off) season. I am still very much curious as to what Rosen is all about, ya know? Curious minds want to know!! Their success and this teams success begins and ends w/ the OL. But, I am tired of talking about the same stuff this off season so it is refreshing they are practicing and in full pads very soon!