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Dolphins Saturday Mailbag: the Ridley Riddle, Coaching Questions, Keeping Secrets, and More

The third and final part of the latest All Dolphins mailbag

Part 3 of the latest SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag:

From Brian Riccard (@BrianRiccard33):

Odds Grier makes Falcons an offer for Ridley?

Hey Brian, that is a very good and interesting question, and I’d say it’s definitely an avenue the Dolphins should explore because they have a defense ready to win now but need to bring the offense up to speed. It’s also a tricky situation because you have to make sure that Ridley will be ready to go after sitting out the second half of the season. So let’s call it 50-50.

From d. Edward (@DC_Syr2Pitt2SD):

What are the odds that the Dolphins hire co-head coaches?

Hi there, I see what you did there. Well done.

From J Trey (@JTrey65):

With the large cap space available, will Grier take a more similar approach as the Colts have the last few years?

Hey J, if it means trading for Carson Wentz, I certainly hope not. The Colts, by the way, have put together a really, really good roster not so much through free agency but through the draft (Nelson, Leonard, Taylor, etc.).

From cliff seltzer (@cspure):

Always fine work on your articles & I enjoy your views and banter with @BigOShow. Do you think the reason no one knows for sure the Flores rumors and stories we are hearing now is due to closed locker rooms to media or Dolphins org. better now at keeping all things in house?

Hey Cliff, first off, thanks. Secondly, the answer to your question is a little bit of both, but more so the organization becoming better at keeping everything in house.

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From chris (@cbnyy4):

Curious who they may target for RB and backup QB?

Hey Chris, man, that’s a broad question. First off is they’ll probably go through the draft for an RB (let’s hope) and free agency for a backup QB, but it’s still too early to guess who in either case.

From Jeff Golden (@Goldenjeff72):

Bonjour Alain, still don’t see Pederson or Caldwell on the Dolphins interview list, does it ever happen that a coach says thanks but no thanks?

Hey Jeff, it absolutely does happen that coaches will turn down interview requests, though that most often occurs with assistants who are happy to remain in their spot for another year. It would be surprising to me to find out that either Pederson or Caldwell turned down an opportunity to interview with the Dolphins. In fact, it has been reported in different places that Caldwell has turned down this year interview requests from both the Raiders and Vikings.

From Bob Curvelo (@curvelo13):

Do you think they're going offensive or defensive with the next coach?

Have to believe that because the offense has struggled for so long, it’s gotta be an offensive mind … unless it’s a defensive mind who’ll bring in a proven OC.

From Dave @angryvet59):

I'm really cynical about next HC hire. How can a longtime fan (loss to Cowboys in Super Bowl long) really expect the next coach to last any longer than 2-3 yrs as has been the norm ?

Hey Dave, you’re right, that is a long time. And you’re absolutely right to expect actually 3-4 years because that’s been the pattern since Stephen Ross became owner. He inherited Tony Sparano, who was fired during his fourth year; Joe Philbin was fired during his fourth year; Adam Gase was fired after three years; Brian Flores was fired after three years. Would be nice if someone actually lasted a bit longer, wouldn’t it?

From Jeff Johnston (@PairOfJacksGame):

Will losing Reid Sinnett to the waiver wire be something the Dolphins regret? Were they outmaneuvered by the Eagles when it happened?

Hey Jeff, let me start by saying that I liked some things I saw from Reid Sinnett during camp and his long preseason appearance against the Bengals, but having said that, the Dolphins were not outmaneuvered because they easily could have found a way to not expose him. If they valued him and liked his long-range potential, they would have hung on to him. And historical precedent also suggests that it’s highly unlikely that he’ll make much noise in the NFL.