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Saturday Dolphins Mailbag: The Best Hands on the Team, QBs and Zip, and More

Tackling various issues on the minds of Miami Dolphins fans, including the reasons the team will or will not reach 11 victories in 2022

Part 1 of this week's SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag:

From Scott Eckenrode (@snake21104):

In your opinion, who has the best hands among the Dolphins receivers? My eye tells me Mike Gesicki.

Since you’re going with Gesicki, that obviously means we’re including tight ends. And I think we certainly could go with Gesicki, who not only makes acrobatic catches all the time but also rarely drops the easy pass. On the second part, though, I don’t think I ever recall Durham Smythe dropping a pass, so I’d call it a tie, which is very appropriate considering they’re good buddies.

From Cliffy Mac (@mclifford36):

Tyreek Hill is the most dynamic playmaker the Dolphins have had since _____.

Hey Cliffy, whoa, that’s a tough one. Truth is, the actual answer might be since the franchise began play in 1966. One guy who stands out off the top of my head as that kind of dynamic playmaker is Reggie Bush, who played for the Dolphins a decade ago.

From RickyD (@RDominguezMIA):

3 Players from last year you think will get cut by the start of the season?

Hey Ricky, you’re asking me to play Turk right here, huh? OK, I'll do it. One of them likely will be a tight end, either Cethan Carter or Adam Shaheen. I think Solomon Kindley probably is vulnerable and then I think a third good candidate for your list would be running back Salvon Ahmed after all the offseason acquisitions at the position.

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From JaSoN (@JWhat13):

Miami's offensive line couldn't handle just straight blocking. Honest question, does the zone-blocking scheme give them a chance to be successful? Maybe the extra motion helps their deficiencies.

Hey Jason, I think there are a few different factors that could help the offensive line improve in 2022, including the additions of Terron Armstead and Connor Williams, natural progression of some of the young players, and, yes, the scheme absolutely should help.

From Ricardo Hernandez (@Ricardo96451182):

You recently mentioned that both Tua and Bridgewater were missing that certain NFL zip on their throws. What post-Marino Dolphins QBs did you notice had that zip and would you have taken them over these two?

Hey Ricardo, that is a great question. Off the top of my head, I’d say Daunte Culpepper, Josh Rosen and Ryan Tannehill are three quarterbacks who clearly had that zip that's missing from either Tagovailoa or Bridgewater, but the first two obviously didn’t pan out for the Dolphins. As for Tannehill, I think very few analysts would rank either Tagovailoa or Bridgewater over him. I’d also say Chad Henne, Cleo Lemon and Matt Moore all had a stronger arm than either Tua or Teddy, and I absolutely would take 2011 Matt Moore over either.

From Wade Tripp (@WadeTripp1):

Who do you think will benefit the most in switching to the Shanahan/West Coast style offense?

Hey Wade, the one who really jumps out when it comes to this question is Austin Jackson, whose skill set appears perfectly suited for an outside zone scheme based on his mobility. 

From jorge Boyd (@raga1922):

Hi Alain, simple question this week: Will the Dolphins get to 11 wins, I want to know why yes and why no. I believe they can if everything goes well but I wanna know your two sides.

Hey Jorge, I’m going to start off by saying I hate making predictions before the start of training camp. But since you asked and I don’t like avoiding or ignoring questions, I’m going to go ahead and tell you right now I’d be leaning against reaching 11 wins. On one hand, there’s no question the Dolphins have much better personnel on offense after the additions of Tyreek Hill and Terron Armstead, but there also are too many question marks for me to predict 11 wins. And those question marks include what kind of improvement the offensive line (and running game) can make, whether Tua can deliver at key moments and whether the defense can consistently perform against a schedule that looks a lot tougher than it was in 2021 when it feasted against sub-par or rookie quarterbacks. If all the answers come out positive, then, yes, the Dolphins absolutely can reach 11 wins.