Dolphins Saturday Mailbag: Bowden, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, and More

Miami Dolphins fans have questions and we try to provide answers
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This new mailbag features your questions and my answers on the wide receiver position, which running back will score score the most touchdowns, the new 17-game schedule, and more.

So here we go.

From mr. mojo risin’ (@dennisgriffin7):

Do you think the Dolphins will continue to use Lynn Bowden in Wildcat this upcoming year? He finally got around to throwing a pass after always running the first few times in that formation.

If I'm being honest, I'll be fine if I never see the Wildcat again. I just as soon seen the quarterback in there taking the snap. As to what I think the Dolphins will do, I certainly could see them continuing to do that with Bowden as a way to make the most of his skills.

From Nodnbard (@bperks13):

What is the record that gets you into the playoffs with the new 17-game schedule?

The magic number in a 16-game schedule always seemed to be 10, even though that didn't work out for the Dolphins last season. I would imagine 10-7 would be good enough most years and then there will be those years when you need to go 11-6 to reach the playoffs.

From Chris Roney (@ChrisRoney0):

In 2021 which player leads Miami in TDs at the RB position?

A. Myles Gaskin

B. Malcolm Brown

C. Player not on the roster yet

D. Patrick Laird (God help us)

I think the safest bet at this time would be to go with Brown because he's got the kind of physical presence that will keep the goal-line carries. That changes, of course, if the Dolphins spend a premium pick on either Najee Harris or Javonte Williams, but I don't think that's a lock at all.

From rudman (@TheNickRudman):

Who would be the most shocking pick at 6 that's within the realm of possibility, and why is it Jaylen Waddle?

LOL. I'm not even sure I'd call the Dolphins taking Waddle at 6 would be shocking in the least. And the reason is the speed he would bring to the offense and the wide variety of ways the Dolphins could make use of that speed.

From Dixon Tam (@DixonTam):

Do the Dolphins have the luxury of keeping Jakeem Grant for his KR/PR skills when he hasn't made an impact as a WR? Especially since Miami needs more playmakers in the WR room? Is he taking the spot (and cap space) of someone else w/more potential and is a more reliable WR?

That  is a very fair question and I'm inclined to think that, yes, it is a bit of a luxury because of the diminished significance of kickoff returners because so many of them end in touchbacks. On the flip side, though, if you keep six wide receivers, how many actually contribute on offense every game and in that scenario, maybe you can afford to have a return specialist.

From Greg the Nurse (@BACinDemand):

Is coaching the Senior Bowl really THAT much of an advantage when it comes to the draft? I mean, other teams got to interview the players, too, and our playbook had to be pretty vanilla.

No, I do believe that's completely overblown. The reality is the Senior Bowl, like every other all-star game, is but a small piece of the scouting puzzle and the one benefit for coaching in that game is getting to work with those prospects closely for one week. While it can be some benefit in separating similar prospects, it also can work the other way if you fall in love with a prospect because of the interaction in that week and give it undue importance over his tape.

From Paul Hurlburt (@Bamaphins):

Has anyone had eyes on Albert Wilson doing any running lately? He would have a big influence on possible WRs drafted if close to pre-injury form.

I think anything the Dolphins get from Wilson will have to be considered a bonus given his injury history and the fact he opted out in 2020. The idea of the Dolphins drafting a wide receiver isn't so much about the lack of decent options on the roster, but rather the lack of a bona fide No. 1 guy.