Dolphins Mailbag: The Edge Defender Question, Byron Jones, Sewell Being the Sound Choice, And More

Miami Dolphins fans have questions and we try to provide answers
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Our latest mailbag brought in enough questions that we had to split it into a few segments and we offer the latest round with topics ranging from the search for an edge defender to the ongoing debate on what to do at number 6 in the draft, and much more.

So here we go.

From Ron Levy (@RONLEVY11218598):

If the Dolphins are lucky enough to have Parsons fall to them at 18 , would picking him preclude them from going after an edge defender?

Absolutely not. Parsons is viewed as just a great all-around linebacker prospect with the ability to rush the passer but not limited to that. Getting Parsons might lessen the need for an edge defender because he would seem to have the flexibility to handle that role if asked, but he's also the kind of prospect who could use in other ways and therefore would make it redundant for the Dolphins to take another edge defender late.

From Dave (DaveinRaleigh):

Any chance Jones will get cut in camp or is the cap hit too severe (assuming they take a CB in the draft)?

Cutting Jones this year even after June 1 would create $22 million of dead money and COST the Dolphins $6 million in cap space, per, so Jones is not going anywhere in 2021. Besides, I flat-out don't get or agree with this perception that Jones was bad in 2020. I actually thought he was very good, except for two glaring plays that turned into long touchdowns. And I know his analytics weren't great, but I also know what my eyeballs told me.

From Luis Negron (@LuisNeg15220093):

What do you think about Alabama DE Dickerson?

I'm going to assume you're talking about center Landon Dickerson, and I think he's a really, really good prospect. In fact, I think he might be a slam-dunk first-round pick if it weren't for all the injuries he sustained in college (Florida State and Alabama). Given the injury history (ACL, ankle), there's a lot of risk involved, no question. He's one of those high-risk, high-reward prospects.

From Reza Hariri (@Therealrezpect1):

Depending on if we draft an edge , do you think they go after Clowney or Ingram after the draft?

Perhaps a better question is whether Clowney or Ingram would go after the Dolphins, particularly Clowney. Seems like we've been down this road before. And let's understand that Clowney is more of an all-around player than he is a great pass rusher and since he reportedly already nixed the idea of being traded to the Dolphins, not sure they'll revisit that idea. As for Ingram, he's going to be 32 later this month and is coming off a season when he had zero sacks and zero tackles for loss in seven games. So not sure I can envision the Dolphins chasing either player, though I never say never.

From Rick_in_Texas (@Rick_in_TX):

Considering there is no sure fire pass rusher in round 1 (all have warts of one kind or another), wouldn't it be wise to use a 2nd or 3rd pick on one and use 1st round (18th) on BPA based upon anticipated snap counts you can use them?

I think BPA is the way to go regardless, or at the very least maximizing the value of the pick. Circling back to your point, I absolutely don't see the Dolphins forcing a pass rusher at 18 if they don't believe in the player simply to fill a need.

From radiohead68 (@radiohead68):

With what happened to KC in SB losing 2 OT and all those weapons (Kelce Hill CEH) getting Stomped...if Sewell is there, would he be the better choice? Than WR or Pitts ... (And I'm huge on Pitts)?

There's certainly an argument to be made for that, but I think ultimately it's going to come down to what player the Dolphins see having the best NFL career. I don't think they go wrong with Chase, Pitts or Sewell at 6, but from a pure need standpoint you certainly could argue that Sewell is the best choice because then the Dolphins could move Hunt inside to guard and have Sewell and Jackson as their tackles. The Dolphins have enough depth at TE or WR to go into the season right now, it's just that Chase or Pitts are more dynamic than what's currently on the roster. Oh, and love the Twitter handle. If with you're the band, love your music!

From Adam Glassman (@aglass99):

How many new WRs does the team need?

Hey there, old buddy. Apparently, quite a few, it seems. Yeah, it does look like there's a bit of overkill going on here and one can't help but think some moves are on the horizon because there aren't going to be enough roster spots to accommodate everybody they have. It's also why it's fair to question whether the Dolphins really need to go wide receiver in the first round, though again it would be a case of adding someone truly special to go along with the large number of competent or solid options already on the roster.