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Dolphins Mailbag: Rebuilding the O-line, the 2022 WR Room, More

Which Miami Dolphins wide receivers figure to be back next season, and what's going with DeVante Parker and Will Fuller V?

From Jeff Golden (@GoldenJeff72):

I am a big Flores homer, lose on Sunday is he gone? Merci Alain.

Hey Jeff, there’s no question a loss against the Jets would be really, really bad, but to suggest it means Flores would be gone is stretching it. I still maintain we need to let the rest of the 2021 season play out before we start making predictions on Flores’ future, though I think he’ll be back until things fall apart down the stretch.

From jorge boyd (@raga1922):

Hi Alain what's the best part of the Jets defense? Is the secondary any good? Would the Dolphins have opportunities to exploit any Jets weakness on defense?

Hey Jorge, look at what the Jets have done the last four weeks and you’ll see the defense isn’t good anywhere, really. I do think defensive tackle Quinnen Williams is a really good player, and he’s the one guy the Dolphins have to block. The secondary isn’t very good, particularly since safety Marcus Maye went down with an Achilles injury earlier this month. So, yes, the Dolphins should be able to exploit the Jets defense, particularly in the passing game.

From Craig M (@Dolfan2334):

Trying to understand the Jets move to start Flacco. What year is it? Sounds like the decision might have come from elsewhere? Do you think a similar defense from last week might be the answer against Flacco? Guy can’t move back there.

Hey Craig, yeah, I don’t get the move to Flacco in the least, particularly considering how bad the Dolphins made him look last year. Then again, Mike White looked awful against the Bills last week and Zach Wilson is still dealing with a knee injury, so I’m guessing the Jets decided to pick the lesser of many evils.

From William C (@WilliamCebula):

When is Parker eligible to come back? 2023? Lol

Ouch! Harsh, William. Funny, but harsh. And Parker is eligible to come back next week actually.

From Reza Hariri (Therealrezpect1):

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Most painful loss Stoyanovich missing FG vs Chargers & double OT loss vs Chargers. Does Solomon Kindley still have future in Miami, he wasn’t bad last year. Also wish they would play Long over Shaheen. Long has more upside.

Hey Reza, the 1981 playoff game (Jan. 2, 1982) actually was single OT (just late in the OT). It’s a very good question regarding Kindley, who started off well last year but then faded badly once he got his foot injury. I would think he’ll get another look at some point. And I hear you about Long, but I think the Dolphins probably have more trust in Shaheen right now and he’s also a better block than Long at this time.

From Joe Kirkland (@KirklandJoe):

Do you think some of the heat is off Grier and Flores, (in terms of sticking around for next year) now that Holland/Phillips and the defense are stepping up their game?

Hey Joe, it’s a good point you make, though I still think it’s going to come down to how the Dolphins finish the season as to whether both will be back in 2022.

From Ken Dasher (@kdash65):

Do you have any insight as to what is going on with Fuller? How many of the receivers currently on the roster do you expect back next year (obviously Waddle, but who else?)

Hey Ken, I wish I could tell you I know what’s going on with Fuller, but I would say it does seem like it’s taking an awfully long time for him to return, though on the other hand catching a ball with a broken finger is not exactly a gimme. As for the 2022 WR corps, outside of Waddle, I would think the most likely to return is Mack Hollins because of what he does on special teams. I think a case could be made for all of the others to be 50-50 on coming back.

From A-Rod the phinphan (@TheGreatPhinsby):

Alain! If you could change the O-line lineup. how would you do it??

A-Rod! That’s a very good question. First thing is go find a left tackle, though that’ll have to wait until the offseason. For now, I think maybe I’d get Kindley into the lineup at left guard to see what he can do.

From Georges Helou:

I will translate your question from French to English, which reads: What do you think of Grier? Does he have final say or is Flores? I understand that you can never have enough cornerbacks, but taking Noah Igbinoghene instead of Jonathan Taylor was a disaster. I also understand the need for edge rushers, but the selection of Charles Harris also was a disaster.

Bonjour Georges, I like Chris Grier as a guy very much. He’s an absolute class act. As a personnel guy, I’m not sure because I don’t know how much true autonomy he’s had. For example, right now I would tell you that Grier might have final say, but I don’t believe there’s a roster move that gets made without Flores’ stamp of approval. And, yes, taking Igbinoghene over Taylor was a disaster and I said so right after the draft. And Charles Harris obviously was a bad pick, especially when you consider that T.J. Watt went late in that 2017 first round.