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Dolphins Mailbag: Coaching Staff, Trade Deadline, Gesicki's Future, and More

What's with the timid play-calling? Would the Dolphins acquire a running back at the trade deadline? Will Mike Gesicki Be Re-Signed? Those are just some of the questions on the minds of Dolphins fans

Miami Dolphins fans are understandably upset with what's going on with the franchise, and that comes across loud and clear in the questions in the latest All Dolphins mailbag.

Here's part 2:

From Cruz G. Ruiz (@CruzGRuiz):

Possible OC targets? I wonder if Dougie P. or M Kafka would fit. Andy Reid offense style and the BFlo defense style.

Hey Cruz, think you’re skipping steps here. My best guess is the OC situation will stay the same if Flores remains as head coach. That said, Doug Pederson absolutely would be a good addition to the staff.

From J Soto (@dolphin_4life):

Do you think Miami will be sellers before the trade deadline?. Maybe one of our tops CBs?

Hey J, if the Dolphins do anything at the trade deadline, I would think it most definitely would be selling. But I can’t say Byron Jones being in demand because of his salary, so that leaves Xavien Howard, who I absolutely could see being dealt at the deadline.

From John Spencer (@JSpencer350):

Is it just me or does Flores talk about the team sticking together a little TOO much?

Hey John, couple of things: Number one, understand that what Flores says comes in response to questions he’s asked by the media, not stuff he volunteers. So if he’s asked about how the team is dealing with the current struggles, what would you expect him to say other than the team is sticking together. It’s a completely logical comment on his part.

From Cliffy Mac (@mclifford36):

Do you think the inexperience at multiple coaching positions is a big reason why this team is failing?

Hey Cliffy, that’s a completely valid question and I think it would be naïve to dismiss it as one of the reasons for the team’s struggles, no doubt.

From Eric M (@emaender):

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My heart hurts. Is that a question?

Hey Eric, it’s not, but it’s a solid statement.

From Peterman (@richhillfan):

We go through the painful Tua debate every week, but why is there not the same degree of focus on Flores and Grier? Either the players are bad, the coaching is bad, or both, and those two are responsible.

Oh, there has been a ton of focus on Flores and Grier lately. Nonstop actually. And, yes, there’s no question that Flores and Grier share a big part of the blame for what’s going on in 2021. This is, after all, the team they’ve assembled.

From Steve C. (@StevieSplash11):

Can somebody ask Flores about how terrible Palardy has been?

Hey Steve, there’s no need to. I can tell you: Michael Palardy has not been good. Crazy thing, though, is that his numbers are slightly better than those of the guy he replaced, Matt Haack.

From Adam Smith (@usfrasmith):

Do the Fins make a play for a RB? Marlon Mack, Gurley? Or, too late at this point to waste any capital?

Hey Adam, it’s very difficult to see a 1-5 team sacrificing future draft capital to pick up a running back, a position the team has neglected in the draft because it’s always believed in its committee approach. In other words, highly unlikely bordering on not a chance.

From TheHotChili (@ImBoomBoomPow):

What do you make of the timid play calling?

Hmm, not sure if I’d call it “timid” as much as inconsistent. And it’s very frustrating, especially something like a straight handoff on a second-and-goal from the 17. That’s a head-scratcher right there.

From Jake (@JakeMc945):

Gesicki is clearly a weapon. I just have a feeling they won't re-sign him and use that money on an aging lineman. Tell me I am wrong.

Hey Jake, you’re wrong. See, I just did what you told me to do. LOL. All seriousness, I’ve gone back and forth on this one because at first I didn’t think the Dolphins would re-sign Gesicki and that’s why they drafted Hunter Long in the third round even though he’s barely playing as a rookie. Now I’m not quite as sure.