Poll: The Miami Dolphins is the Most Popular Team in the UK

Alain Poupart

The Miami Dolphins haven't enjoyed great success in recent years, but their popularity remains — at least in certain corners of the world.

The Dolphins were chosen as the most popular NFL team in the United Kingdom, according to a recent poll conducted by YouGov.

Rounding out the top five teams in the survey were the New York Giants, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots.

The Dolphins, who generated a 19 percent positive opinion (compared to 17 percent for the Giants, also ranked as the third-most famous NFL team. The Dolphins were described by fans in the survey as "Gone downhill, Annoying, Determined, Incompetent and Fit."

In the poll, 8 percent of the participants had a negative opinion of the Dolphins, 37 percent were neutral, and 63 percent had heard of them.

The poll also showed the Dolphins being more popular among millennials (38 percent) than Generation X (32) or Baby Boomers (22).

The Dolphins' popularity with British fans goes back a ways. Remember that it was the Dolphins who played the first regular season game outside of the United States when they faced the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium in 2007.

All told, the Dolphins have played more games in London than any team other than the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Miami is 1-3 in London games, with losses against the New York Jets and New Orleans Saints and a 38-14 victory against the Oakland Raiders in 2014.

The Dolphins also played a preseason game at Wembley Stadium against the 49ers in 1988.

Before the NFL changed its plans because of the coronavirus, the Dolphins were expected to have one of their home games in London in 2020.

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UK Dolfan here. Been a fan since 84 not long after it first started airing on TV. I was only 10 - I liked them cos of Marino and the high powered offense. I'm nuts about them and the game. DS1971 said there was a highlights show was from the previous week back then - then I found out AFRN radio broadcast to europe so tuned in to that every Sunday. Live action! These days I watch live games on TV every week and I try and make at least one home game every year - this year I'm going to the chargers game and the away game in Denver the week before (I hope!!) And speaking of Marino I was at the fins practice ahead of the wembley game vs the Saints. Saw loads of players close up, got a photo of Cam Wake, then met Dan the man himself! Got a selfie with him - the 10 year old me would never have believed it back then. FINS UP!


As a U.K. based Dolphin fan this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. It’s not so much about the number of London Games, more the history of when we got to see regular NFL on TV and the demographic at the time. Channel 4 here started showing NFL highlights from the previous week in the early mid ‘80s on a Sunday evening, naturally everyone started following a favourite team. The most glamorous offence at that time were Dolphins, the Bears were great on the ground and on defence, with 49ers and Redskins also attracting interest. Add in the HUGE draw of Florida to U.K. residents....it’s a natural fit. Finally you’ll find that U.K. Sports fans are extremely loyal to their teams through bad times, practically every soccer fan is used to our teams getting beaten regularly.
In finishing thats why I doubt a London franchise would be as successful as some think......We don’t change our teams just because London has one. I’d go to see the Dolphins play, but not anyone else.


The Fins have been less than stellar when playing in the UK. It's as if they forget how to play football once they land there & I've been embarrassed for them. But, I encourage UK Fin Fans to keep rooting for them cuz it is time to LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! I realize all have crowned the Bills as division champs, but I think Miami has a different outcome in mind!! LETtheGOODtimesROLL

Randy Richbourg
Randy Richbourg

It's not a secret that there are many Dolphin fans in the UK and beyond. I have met many fans via social media, that love it when we come to London to play, and many that make the trip across the pond to see the Dolphins here in the States. I've also met fans from Germany, Poland, Australia and other countries as well. I don't know what makes the Dolphins so popular World wide, but I welcome it. Our trip across the pond this year was cancelled due to the covid 19 virus, but I'm sure we'll see you guys next year and beyond. Welcome to the team.