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Grant Looking for Return Action

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jakeem Grant is eager to get more opportunities in the return game

Jakeem Grant had his most productive game of the season in the 31-13 victory of the Jacksonville Jaguars with a long catch and a long run on an end-around.

But he has yet this season to make an impact in the return game, though it should be pointed out he just hasn't had that many opportunities.

Grant has been able to return only two kickoffs this season as opposing kickers keep driving the ball to the back of the end zone or through the end zone. Grant wasn't able to return one kickoff in the first two games before he had two opportunities against Jacksonville, producing returns of 19 and 12 yards.

There haven't been that many more punt returns, with Grant having five for 36 yards with a long of 15 yards against Jacksonville.

"Yeah, a lot of teams have been kicking it over my head and not really giving me a chance," Grant said. "I understand. I get it. Definitely I’d say on the punt return note, I’m doing good at tracking the ball and setting up the team with good field position, but I still have a lot of room to go and I could do a lot of corrections and a lot of good things getting vertical a lot faster and setting the team up with good field position.”

When it comes to kickoffs, special teams coach Danny Crossman said he was expecting the opportunities to increase later in the season as the weather gets colder.

In the meantime, Grant says he'll keep challenging kickers to dare give him the opportunity to return one.

“I’m always taunting them," Grant said. "Every kickoff return you probably see me back there. I’m always waving my hand and telling them to kick it to me. A lot of guys always run down and say, ‘Come on man, bring it out of the end zone.’ I’m like you’re kicking it 9 (yards) deep. There’s only 10 yards in the end zone and you’re kicking it 9 deep, there is no way I’m bringing it out. If you give me a chance, I’ll bring it out. Like I always tell them, if you kick it to me then you’ll see what happens.”