New number for Brandon Jones ...

Alain Poupart

So looks like rookie third-round pick Brandon Jones has taken Minkah Fitzpatrick's old jersey number of 29. The former University of Texas standout tweeted a photo of himself with a 29 jersey. He had been given 45 in early May.

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Alain Poupart
Alain Poupart


Yup, that Jets defense sure got a lot of weaker within a matter of a couple of weeks.


I was waiting for his new #. Was it Ryan Lewis who had 29 for a minute? Anyhow, it's ironic we're replacing 29 w/ 29 lol. At least, that's the plan; the rest is up to Jones, cuz the opp is there for the taking. I just saw on NFL net that CJ Mosely is opting out. Wow, the Jets aren't getting what they paid for now are they? Two yrs no Mosely, and w/ Adams gone it's looking like that #6 D from last year is disappearing. However, when it's all said and done, there may be no NFL. I really am praying for everyone's safety( CLAIMING it more so than praying) (I hate it when ppl say they're praying for someone/something when they actually are NOT).
I apologize - I've been babbeling alot lately.
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