Daily Hunt | Nov. 7 Part 1 | The Dolphins are Improving Under Brian Flores

Jake Mendel

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On today's episode of The Daily Hunt: 

Miami's growth under first-year coach Brian Flores shouldn't come as a surprise. Over the past six years Miami had some teams that started hot, before losing gas near the end of the season.

Things seem to be different under New England's former defensive coordinator as the team continues to grow week-by-week. It was tough sledding for the Miami Dolphins early in the season as players tried to get comfortable. 

In fact, roughly half the teams starters were not on the team throughout training camp, meaning they were thrown into the fire as Miami was blown out by Baltimore, New England and Dallas.

However, the "no name" players the Dolphins acquired last in the preseason are starting to turn the corner and make a name for themselves. 

"I want them to feel like they never turned the corner and continue to build, improve and get better, and have that fire to feel as though you never actually turned the corner," Flores said earlier this week. "I feel like that’s when you think that you’ve arrived and no one on this team has arrived yet. Yes, I would say that those guys have worked extremely hard since April to OTAs to training camp, and you see the steady improvement. You see the confidence building. You see production on the field and that’s really what you’re looking for – that exact process. Hopefully they continue to believe in that process. We’ll come out here today, have a good practice, have a good practice Thursday, have a good practice Friday and that will hopefully lead to production in the game. From a process standpoint, hopefully we’ve turned a corner and if they believe in that, I think the production will continue.”