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Conference One: Inflict's All-Conference One Team for the Diamond and Below Division

Conference One Rankings

The Conference One season ended this past weekend after five weeks of round-robin play and a 22 team tournament. The tournament resulted in a win for the top-seeded Washington University in St. Louis. During the Conference One season, Inflict, one of our casters, gave us their top-five Conference One players for the Fall 2021 Season for the Diamond and Below Division. These five indicate an All-Conference One Team for Valorant.

1. Juan from WASHU RED

He was the absolute lights-out player for the team. Massive clutches, much-needed duel wins and to top it off, doing everything as a Utility person, allowing more flexibility in his team.

2. soju from BABSON esports 

Hands down one of, if not the, most versatile players to play in the bracket. He played any role his team needed, executed it to near perfection, and led the charge when everyone else struggled.

3. babyjay from UW Madison

Even though his team got eliminated by WASHU Red, pushing the favorites to their limits is huge, and babyjay became the reason behind it with his strong resilience and aggression.

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4.Nurd from BABSON esports

The partner in crime with soju again doing the mind-blowing things. Played multiple roles with great util usage and not letting it affect his gun skills.

5. Anubu from OSU Orange

Anubu did remain inconsistent in some of his performances, but whenever he got a chance to blast off - he did. With his team's back against the ropes in Round One of the playoff bracket. Anubu came in clutch in a huge map two, which realistically could've gone either way, but the man became the difference-maker