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Conference One: Radiant and Immortal Finals Recap

Recap for Conference One

This past weekend, Conference One held their Radiant and Immortal finals, which pitted 20 of the top collegiate Valorant teams against each other for prize money and a championship. After five weeks of round-robin play, the pool was set for the top 20 teams to face off. Schools from all over the United States and Canada began tournament play on Saturday, November 13th at 3 pm eastern time, finishing up gameplay at 9 pm eastern time Sunday, November 14th.

The first round started with four preliminary match-ups and 12 teams with a bye. The first of the four preliminary match-ups was Illinois State against Florida International University (FIU), which streamed live on our twitch. Illinois State won by a score of 2-1 and advanced to play top-seeded UW-Madison. In the second preliminary match, Seneca College handled the University of Ottawa with a final score of 2-0. In the third match, California University (Cal) slipped by Arizona State with a score of 2-1. Finally, Texas A&M (TAMU) edged out Oklahoma 2-1, setting up the final 16 teams and eight matches in the second round.

The Second round had plenty of excitement. UW-Madison easily skated by Illinois State 2-0 while second-seeded Oregon State lost to TAMU by a score of 2-1. The third and fourth-seeded Missouri (Mizzou) and Carleton University walked through into the quarter-finals with wins over Cal and Seneca College, respectively. Fifth-seeded San Jose State (SJSU) slipped by Akron University 2-1, while sixth-seeded University of California Irvine was upset by the University of Alberta (UAlberta). Northwood University took down University of Waterloo 2-0, while Western University beat Ottawa University 2-1. The quarter-finals were now set, with eight teams remaining.

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The quarter-finals were the final match-up Saturday night, setting up a final four match-up on Sunday. The round started with some fire as both the top seeds remained lost without winning a single game. UW-Madison, the first seed, lost to Western University 2-0, while Mizzou lost to UAlberta 2-0. Tenth seeded Northwood ended TAMU’s Cinderella run as the 18th seed lost 2-0. In the final match of the quarter-finals, Carleton University defeated SJSU 2-1 in an intense battle. This set up the semi-finals with the final four teams of Carelton, Northwood, Western University and UAlberta.

The semi-finals and finals both took place on Sunday, with the latter being a best of five instead of a best of three as the rest. In the semi-final, Western University faced Carleton University, and Northwood University battled UAlberta. In the first match-up, Carleton handled business with a 2-0 win and punched their ticket to the final match-up. In the second match-up, UAlberta slipped by Northwood by a score of 2-1, leading to a Carleton and UAlberta final battle.

The two Canadian Schools faced off for the finale of the Conference One Valorant play in the spring. The first game went the way of UAlberta, as they won 13-9, taking a 1-0 match lead. Carleton was able to even things up in the second game, with a dominant game win of 13-5. The third game was more of Carleton as they handled business 13-8. The fourth game was down to the wire as it was tied 9-9 at one point. UAlberta needed the win to stay alive but couldn’t, and Carleton closed out by a score of 13-9, winning the title for the Conference One Fall Valorant season. Conference One will look to build off a phenomenal fall that saw them house over 120 teams and seven weeks of gameplay.