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Conference One: Rochester Institute of Technology (Orange) Esports Team

CF1 Esports team on Stay up to date on competitive collegiate esports competitions here.


*coming soon - Valorant gameplay begins October 5th and ends November 2nd every Tuesday.


Daniel Kitchen

School Administrator

Chad Weeden

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Daniel Kitchen

Spencer Wong
Yuuki Asuna

James McGrath

Kenny Tran

Chase Amador

Karl Sun

Hunter Sarsfield

Finn Marable

Social Media

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About Conference One

CF1 is where ‘Play Matters!’ We promise to be BIGGER and BETTER while providing a clear vision for a BRIGHTER future in the esports arena.

Welcome to the next level…

What is Conference One (CF1)?

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CF1 is an esports organization dedicated to growing the collegiate esports ecosystem. Together with our partners and member schools, CF1 strives to elevate collegiate competition and grow the collegiate esports audience. CF1 believes that through innovative technology and an entertainment-driven broadcasting structure, we can accomplish our goals: player-first competition, accelerated collegiate audience growth, increased reach and awareness for member schools, and connecting brands to the collegiate space in new, unique ways.

Is joining CF1 FREE?

Joining Conference One is completely free for the 2021-2022 school year.

What are the key dates?


  • August-September: Registration
  • October: Fall match play
  • November: Fall divisionals and finals


  • November-December: Registration
  • February: Spring match play
  • April: Spring divisionals and finals

What are the requirements for signing up for CF1?

In order to compete in CF1 you will need the following:

1) A group of dedicated students at your school who want to play

2) A School Administrator to do some of the paperwork required to allow your school and players to compete

How do I join CF1?

If you are an interested student or school staff member, you can start the registration process by contacting us here. Once we have the required information and verify your school staff member you will be eligible to play in CF1 this year