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Esports: CF1 Tournament Champions Carleton University Ravens

The Carleton Ravens won the CF1 Valorant Esports Tournament.

The Carleton Ravens won the CF1 Valorant Esports Tournament.

With the Conference One season coming to an end, the Carleton University Ravens reign as winners for the fall season. After an impressive performance in the Finals this past weekend, Carleton earned the top payout for the season. Heading into the season, Carleton was a relatively new name in the Valorant world, yet they dominated through Conference One play and found themselves a fan favorite week in and week out.

Carleton may have started the year unknown, but they were not unknown as we reached the playoffs. Carleton cruised through Round Robin play, going 5-0 and gaining the 4th seed in the playoffs. They were one of the favorites entering the finals tournament and had people talking about them all weekend. After a first-round bye, Carleton cruised through the playoffs. They defeated Seneca College with relative ease in round two. They had a slight scare against San Jose State University before winning in round three and then made quick work of Western University before putting an exclamation point on their season and beating the University of Alberta in the final match to win it all. 

Though Carleton was a relatively new name, they shouldn’t be overlooked going forward. Their roster is stacked with great players. The biggest name on their roster is Gabe “Moobs” Powell, one of the top players all season. Moobs won Player of the Week back during Round Robin play and likely would have been in short contention for Most Valuable Player in the Finals. Though Moobs was outstanding, the Carleton win was a team effort. Jack “Jacklorf” Meireles was excellent in the Final, putting together multiple highlight-plays to their victory over the University of Alberta. Joshua “Riv” Rivera and Robert “Rubzki” Passmore-Waugh were also integral to the season for Carleton. Dani Hashweh, Andrew “Akico” Tulloch, and Elwalid “9er” Elhales helped the team in some much-needed situations as well this past season.

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Moving forward, Carleton needs to be a big name in the Collegiate Valorant competition. Heading into next season, Carleton will look to defend their Conference One Title. With all eyes on them to repeat, they will need to maintain their confidence to repeat.