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Highlighting the Top Conference One Esports Teams

Looking back on the past Conference One Tournament top esports teams in the Radiant and Immortal division.

Looking back on the past Conference One Tournament top esports teams in the Radiant and Immortal division.

The Conference One Season ended this past weekend with an exciting tournament. In the end, Carleton University defeated the University of Alberta by a score of 3-1. After all the action, here are the final Power Rankings for the season.

1. Carleton University

 After winning the entire tournament, there was no surprise here. Carleton University was the best team all season, not losing a single match in round-robin play or tournament play.

2. University of Alberta

 The University of Alberta may have been a surprise to most after getting to the final after being the 11th seed, but they had a dominant stretch of play. After losing week one to Cal Poly Pomona, they did not lose another match until the final with Carleton. They deserved this ranking.

3. Western University

 After losing to Carleton in the Semi’s, Western University earned this top three ranking. Western finished first in their group after round-robin play and even took down top-seeded UW-Madison in the tournament.

4. Northwood University

 Northwood entered as one of the favorites for the season. Though they didn’t win, you can’t say their season was disappointing. Northwood only lost to two teams all year, Western University and the University of Alberta, who are both found ahead of them.

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5. San Jose State University

 If you give undefeated Carleton a run for their money, you deserve a high ranking. San Jose State took Carleton to a winner take in the quarter-finals, something no one else was able to do during the finals tournament.

6. UW-Madison

 The top seed didn’t win the whole thing, but their only loss on the season came to Western University in the Quarter Finals. They walked through round-robin play unscathed and just met an opponent that had their number.

7. Texas A&M University

 The biggest surprise of the second round may have been 18th ranked TAMU taking down Two seeded Oregon State. Though TAMU was not much of a match for Northwood, they still took down one of the toughest opponents in Oregon State.

8. University of Missouri

 Three seeded Mizzou struggled in the tournament, barely slipping by California University and then losing to eventual runner-up the University of Alberta. They, however, had an undefeated regular season and still ended up in the Quarterfinals.

9. Ottawa University

 They started as the 9th seed and finished as the 9th seed with an impressive performance against Western University in round two. If they don’t play Western that early, we may have seen them make a run.

10. Oregon State University

 The two seeded OSU team was unprepared for TAMU in the 2nd round, but they deserve to be ranked in the top ten after an undefeated season. They might have been a better match for Northwood if they were able to get through TAMU.