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Esports: Radiant/Immortal West Conference One Week 4 Recap

Reviewing Tuesday Night's games in the Radiant/Immortal West division

 Conference One continues to impress in viewership as they stride through their second season in Collegiate Esports. With week four of the five-week regular season complete, standings are starting to come together. On this past Tuesday night, Conference One had two highlighted matchups in their Radiant and Immortal divisions. 

In this highlighted match, the University of California-Berkeley (UC Berkeley) took on the University of Alberta. Spenser, also known as “Speezy_24,” stated that it would be a battle of the Golden Bears for the night. UC Berkeley entered the night undefeated with three wins, while the University of Alberta was only a game behind them, sitting at 2-1 for the season. There are more spots open for the divisional finals in the larger group three of the Radiant and Immortal West division, making this a tremendously important match for both squads. Kenny, also known as “Beaniez_,” predicted UC Berkeley to win 2-0 tonight but did say “any of the top six teams have been able to beat each other in the past, as their upper-echelon teams.”

The two heavy hitters got after it immediately. Game one was played on Split, thanks to the University of Alberta’s choice. In game one, the University of Alberta got off to an early lead at 5-0 before UC Berkeley stormed back to tie it at 7-7. In the end, the University of Alberta won 13-7 with an outstanding performance by “jello,” who had 22 kills, ten deaths and an average combat score of 326. Kenny “Beaniez_” also pointed out that “YEGNick” had eight assists and only seven deaths in a 20 round game, which was very impressive.

Game two was more competitive as UC Berkeley got the choice of map and decided on Icebox. The back and forth nature of the game was intense as it was even tied 10-10 before the University of Alberta pulled away for a 13-11 win and a match win overall. After an impressive first game, “jello” had the closeout to ensure the match did not tie at 12. Another super impressive player was “whitr,” who had 28 kills, 18 deaths and a 332 average combat score. 

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After the match win, “ShimmyXD” joined the casters to talk about the match. “ShimmyXD” Talked about their preparation for the match is crucial to how they played because they always knew what to do. “ShimmyXD” also talked about how they’ve grown as a team and have confidence going forward. Next week they will play Texas State University, which has yet to win this season.


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