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Top-3 Most Underrated Conference One Teams from the 2021 Fall Valorant Competition

Conference One Rankings

The Radiant and Immortal divisions of Conference One were highly competitive and led to a great final tournament a couple of weeks ago. One thing that could happen when many competitive teams have to play each other is that teams could have a worse record than their skill level shows. Here are the three most underrated Conference One teams as we leave the Fall season.

Rutgers University

Rutgers University has a very impressive Valorant team, and though they didn’t finish very high in the standings, they would have if they did not have to face Carleton University (Eventual winners) in their group. They only had one loss on the season to Carleton University, but other than that, they did not even lose a match point. They would have been a strong competitor in the Finals tournament if they had taken part in it.

Arizona State University

CSULB was not a team that should have beaten ASU, and their only other loss was to eventual runner-up, University of Alberta. They only went 3-2 this year, but ASU would have had a great season if not for one blunder against California State University Long Beach. ASU just barely lost game one 13-11 and then lost in a best of three. If ASU wins that first game, they may have been a team to watch in the Finals with a better seed.

Penn State University

Penn State was a 2-3 team. That’s obviously not a great record and begs the question, why are they on this list? But they only had losses to three competitive playoff teams in Ottawa University, Florida International University and the University of Waterloo. All of which ended up 4-1 on the season. Penn State may not have been one of the top teams in Conference One, but their record does not tell the full story.

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