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Fantasy Football: Dynasty Recap Week 6 2021 NFL Season

Recapping the latest from this pass weekend's slate of NFL games

Fantasy football is often a wonderful metaphor for life. Plans are carefully constructed, dreams designed, high-hopes held, all with the goal of complete achievement. Failure is rarely a consideration - until it happens. When these curveballs come, and they will come, the key is to keep perspective and remain determined. These parallels remain true for Dynasty leagues as well. This season has brought an onslaught of injuries to high-tier, offensive stalwarts. Dynasty teams that looked like juggernauts in early September now can be seen starting backup running backs and flyer tight ends with the hope that they manage a singular, elusive touchdown to salvage a dismal week. Now isn't the time to wallow in despair but to buck up, make a new plan, and begin to execute.

The Sam Darnold Debate

Is he good? Is he bad? Was it just Adam Gase and the Jets that skewed his performance during his first three years in the league? Does anyone have any answers? Maybe Dynasty managers should organize a seance and call up Sam Darnold's ghosts to shed some light on the situation? All jest aside, Sam Darnold was terrible this week and many weeks before as well. The stat sheet has occasionally obscured the full truth, but the tape doesn't lie. Darnold is a below-average starting quarterback in the NFL, and without significant rushing potential and his penchant for turnovers, he will never be someone Dynasty owners want to start. He won't win managers many games, even as the QB2 in a Superflex. 

Playoff Lenny is Here Early

Leonard Fournette was the forgotten man last season, at least until playoffs hit. It was even reported that there was a time in 2020 where the Buccaneers almost cut Fournette due to his attitude about his role on the team. Those moments are far in the past now. Leonard Fournette has completely taken over the backfield now and relegated Ronald Jones to a bit role. His performance this week of 22 carries for 81 yards, and two touchdowns aren't just an aberration but a trend. While he likely doesn't have many years left of consistent fantasy production, Fournette is hitched to the star-studded Tampa Bay offense and will continue to be an impact player for the rest of the season. Dynasty managers competing for a championship this season should consider trading for him while his perceived value is still equivalent to that of last-year-Lenny.

Hurts No Good

It's not often you see a player be so incredibly bad at real-life football and amazing for fantasy football. What does that mean? It can't last. Jalen Hurts has managed to string together multiple top-10 fantasy quarterback performances. He has also continued to hamper the entire Eagles offense with his weak arm and scattershot passing for the past six weeks. At this rate, he'll be benched while still putting up top-10 fantasy performances. Rostering a player like that in Dynasty is flirting with disaster. At any point, the player's value can go from that of a low-QB1 to near zero. To mitigate risk, a savvy Dynasty manager should consider trading away Hurts before that situation arises.

Kupp Continues to Roll

The Los Angeles Rams looked primed to dominate most of the competition they face this season. Multiple sources often alluded to the deficiencies Jared Goff brought to the offense, but it wasn't until the team brought in Matthew Stafford that those statements rang true. With Stafford behind the helm, both the running and passing games have been opened wide up. No player has benefited from this new circumstance more than Cooper Kupp. In just six weeks, Kupp has racked up 46 catches for 653 yards and seven touchdowns, more than doubling his touchdown total from 2020. At this current pace, he'll exceed all previous career totals in yardage and catches as well. While he may have considerable value, a competitive Dynasty team should consider trading for the star receiver as the situation and production will likely remain steady. Given his age, he probably has at least two more high-performance seasons left in the tank - maybe more. 

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