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Fantasy Football: Keep, Trade, Drop NFL Week 10

Your weekly keep, trade, or drop fantasy football advice for your team's lineup to help you with your fantasy football playoff push.

Fantasy Football Keep Trade or Drop Advice

Your weekly keep, trade, or drop fantasy football advice for your team's lineup to help you with your fantasy football playoff push.

Your weekly keep, trade, or drop fantasy football advice for your team's lineup to help you with your fantasy football playoff push.

As the weeks tick by, the closer we get to the fantasy football trade deadline in our leagues. We have officially crossed over the one-month-to-go time frame as most of those windows are right around the Week 12 to Week 13 mark. As we get closer to that date, the decisions become much larger and much more impactful. Are you willing to trade a first-round pick, or maybe even two, to try to win your fantasy football championship this year? Are you ready to embrace that your team is barely treading water, and it might be time to sell one of your more prominent names to start over? Last week, Tyler Lockett was a feature in the trade section and was just the start of the notable names that will be appearing as we get closer to the trade deadline as we try to maneuver our way through the waters of the rebuild or the fantasy football championship chase.

TRADE: Melvin Gordon, RB, Denver Broncos

Being a previous feature in this section, Melvin Gordon has found a way to maintain his value throughout the season. Still, we are reaching the end of his time in Denver, meaning his future fantasy football outlook is very murky. The Broncos see Javonte Williams as their running back of the future, as they should. On virtually equal touches through this season, Gordon has had most of the touchdown luck go his way, and his value has peaked with what he will be able to do, barring an injury to Williams. Especially if you are a team looking to rebuild, this would be a crucial piece to move that would help get you a valuable return. However, Gordon is a valuable piece to move if you have the depth to do so, even if you are a contending team. If you could move him to a fringe playoff team in your league or to the team that rosters Williams, you could gain yourself a very nice return while keeping yourself involved in the hunt for a championship and set yourself up nicely with some future assets.

DROP: Houston Texans Running Backs

Before the NFL trade deadline last week, the Houston Texans traded their most impactful running back, Mark Ingram, to the New Orleans Saints. The trade freed up the potential for Phillip Lindsay and David Johnson to have some fantasy football relevance through the rest of the year. This weekend the Texans played the Miami Dolphins, whose defense has been less than stellar. They were only able to amount for 73 total rushing yards between four different running backs and quarterback Tyrod Taylor. It was borderline on if you should have rostered anyone before the Ingram trade, but now it can be officially over. There is no consistency, bad offensive line play, and a lot of negative game script coming for the rest of the season. The aging of the running backs on the roster means you can officially move on from Phillip Lindsay, David Johnson, and Rex Burkhead.

KEEP: Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, Cleveland Browns

A lot of speculation over who was going to take over was happening, and it looked like we got our answer right out of the gate. Second, on the team in targets, team leader in yards, and the only wide receiver to score a touchdown, Donovan Peoples-Jones emerged as a significant deep threat in the passing attack for the Cleveland Browns. He is only 22 years old and looks to be someone who can be a very reliable deep threat for the Browns in the future. People will likely be interested in acquiring Peoples-Jones from you as the trade deadline comes closer, but he should not be traded. If you are a contender, he will help you stay relevant a little longer, and if you are about to enter rebuild mode, he is young enough and has shown enough. It would be best if you were not looking to trade him at this time so he can help you speed up your fantasy football rebuild.

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