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2 Round 2022 NFL Mock Draft: The Week of the NFL Draft

The week of the NFL Draft is here. This is a two round mock draft of who could happen when the clock starts.

The week of the 2022 NFL Draft is here. We're just days away from the clock starting and finding out where these prospects will land. Here is how the draft could shake out after the first two rounds.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Aidan Hutchinson, Michigan

Aidan Hutchinson is an experienced, productive and well-built defensive end. He primarily wins with his length and technique, managing distance well. Hutchinson also fights hands to keep his frame clear. What’s more, he employs early hands and strings a wide variety of moves together with an incredible work rate. - Scouting Report Blurb on 4-3 DE Aidan Hutchinson, Michigan

2. Detroit Lions: DE Travon Walker, Georgia

Walker possesses the leg drive and motor to drive opponents back. In the run game, he is able to impact linemen with his hands, twisting them and enforcing his will. By extending, he stacks and sheds with a push-pull move. Athleticism is apparent when moving laterally, staying square and displaying range while maintaining extension. - Scouting Report Blurb on 4-3 DE Travon Walker, Georgia

3. Houston Texans: CB Ahmad Gardner, Cincinnati

He is a big, physical, and an extremely talented cover cornerback. Can play man or zone coverage and his skill is the same, so the scheme doesn’t matter with this player. Can lock down an entire side of the field just by being in the vicinity. He has long arms and is great at using them to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage. Has the speed and athleticism to follow the player he is covering all over the field. Never gave up a touchdown in his whole college career, which is simply incredible. - Scouting Report Blurb on oCB Ahmad Gardner, Cincinnati

4. New York Jets: OT Evan Neal, Alabama

His length is great and once he lands his hands, he is able to latch on, move his feet and control opponents. He is great when jump setting, as he gets to be more aggressive and shoot his hands immediately. Neal creates movement in the run game, displaying pop in his hands and strong leg drive to open up holes. - Scouting Report Blurb on LT Evan Neal, Alabama

5. New York Giants:OT Ikem Ekwonu, North Carolina State

Ekwonu creates knockback and deals out body blows with his initial strike. Heavy hands allow him to enforce his will on opponents. When he has good positioning, he displays great grip strength. Ekwonu is quick out of his stance and has the foot speed to mirror laterally at guard. - Scouting Report Blurb on LT Ikem Ekwonu, North Carolina State

6. Carolina Panthers: QB Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

Pickett is always keeping his eyes downfield, scanning the defense while he scrambles, exhibiting a pass-first mentality when the play breaks down. He has tremendous ability to throw on the run, off platform and when contorting his body while still regularly placing the ball within the strike zone of the WR. Ball placement is one of his best attributes, Pickett understands where to place the ball to maximize YAC, or to help his target avoid a big hit from an incoming defender. - Scouting Report Blurb on QB Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

7. New York Giants (via CHI): DE Kayvon Thibodeaux, Oregon

Thibodeaux boasts excellent burst, change of direction and long speed. His first step makes him a threat to reach his opponents’ chests on every play. What’s more, Thibodeaux has an extremely flexible frame. He exhibits impressive bend and balance to work the outside track. Moreover, the talented pass rusher primarily employs his long arms to enhance his power-rush profile. The All-American consistently initiates contact to an offensive lineman’s frame with accurate and active hands upon initial contact. - Scouting Report Blurb on 4-3 DE Kayvon Thibodeaux, Oregon

8. Atlanta Falcons: EDGE Jermaine Johnson, Florida State

Johnson excels versus the run, playing from 4, 3 and 2 point stances from both the strong and weak side. He has tremendous play strength due to his build and technique - regularly playing with low pad level and gaining inside hand placement to create a pop at the point of attack and then stack his block. - Scouting Report Blurb on 3-4 OLB Jermaine Johnson, Florida State

9. Seattle Seahawks (via DEN): OT Charles Cross, Mississippi State

His length is above average. Cross locates stunts quickly and has the foot speed to pass them off reliably. A very good positional blocker in the run game, Cross utilizes his quickness off the ball and athleticism to establish angles and leverage. His speed allows him to be a factor on screens to the perimeter and when climbing to the second level. - Scouting Report Blurb on LT Charles Cross, Mississippi State

10. New York Jets (via SEA): CB Derek Stingley Jr., LSU

Playing with bent knees allows him to change directions rapidly and be all over underneath routes. Stingley has rare lower body flexibility to get into positions that many others just can’t. His process in press is rarely sped up, landing his punch and replacing it. - Scouting Report Blurb on oCB Derek Stingley Jr., LSU

11. Washington Commanders: WR Garrett Wilson, Ohio State

He is sudden and violent with his hips in and out of breaks. At his best on a vertical plane where he can manipulate space and stop on a dime creating ample separation. Wilson shows good pace and stride variation making him tough to predict especially with his hip fluidity. Good understanding of finding soft spots in zone and working back to the QB. - Scouting Report Blurb on oWR Garrett Wilson, Ohio State

12. Minnesota Vikings: S Kyle Hamilton, Notre Dame

Hamilton exhibits excellent short-area burst, long speed, change of direction and clean transitions. A long athletic frame that is both flexible and powerful. The definition of versatility on defense. Can play as single high post safety, nickel, box safety, and even aligned at boundary corner and weakside linebacker. - Scouting Report Blurb on FS Kyle Hamilton, Notre Dame

13. Houston Texans (via CLE): OT Trevor Penning, Northern Iowa

He can hold off guys with only one arm. As an experienced player on the offensive line, he is clearly the leader of his unit with the way he communicates at the line of scrimmage. He deals with speed well as a pass protector. Penning shows crazy flexibility with the way he can bend in his stance pre-snap. His timing of the snap is reactive and has a solid first step down into the arch. - Scouting Report Blurb on LT Trevor Penning, Northern Iowa

14. Baltimore Ravens: LB Devin Lloyd, Utah

He is an active communicator, passing off routes in zone. Great eyes and locating skills in coverage allow him to take consistently favorable angles and be in the right place. Lloyd locates and carries tight ends up the seam and is able to get very good depth in his drops with his length making it tough for quarterbacks to layer the ball over him. - Scouting Report Blurb on MIKE Devin Lloyd, Utah

15. Philadelphia Eagles (via MIA): CB Trent McDuffie, Washington

He stands out because of his natural feel for the position, as well as his understanding of where he has help. His eyes always seem to be in the right place and he picks up on route combinations very quickly. He rarely has a wasted step in his drops or breaks, and his angles are impeccable. - Scouting Report Blurb on oCB Trent McDuffie, Washington

16. New Orleans Saints (via IND): QB Malik Willis, Liberty

Willis has a thicker, more well-built frame than some people may give him credit for. He is a dynamic runner who can execute on designed run plays and also extend plays with his legs to save a bad situation. He offers strength, as well as speed, in his running ability. - Scouting Report Blurb on QB Malik Willis, Liberty

17. Los Angeles Chargers: OT Tyler Smith, Tulsa

Once he lands hands on a defender’s frame, Smith controls them with notable grip and core strength. What’s more, he has the finishing mentality to put his opponents on the ground. In pass protection, the Texas native displays an easy anchor that will only improve as he refines his technique. The tackle’s dominant strength and surprising agility help him recover from poor positioning caused by improper angles. - Scouting Report Blurb on LT Tyler Smith, Tulsa

18. Philadelphia Eagles (via NO): S Lewis Cine, Georgia

He communicates and passes off routes. His spacing when helping a cornerback over the top is very efficient. Cine possesses the movement skills and eye discipline to stick with wideouts from off coverage and match up with tight ends. His good length helps him disrupt the catch point where he does not panic, playing through the hands or locating the football, depending on his positioning. - Scouting Report Blurb on FS Lewis Cine, Georgia

19. New Orleans Saints (via PHI): OT Daniel Faalele, Minnesota

Flashes good pop in his hands at the point of attack. He has the type of power to throw guys off him literally. The Minnesota lineman has enough length to sufficiently protect the edge, even when his footwork may let him down. Consistently shows good timing of the snap. - Scouting Report Blurb on LT Daniel Faalele, Minnesota

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: QB Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati

Ridder is an athletic quarterback who displays strong mental attributes when executing the Cincinnati Bearcats’ offense. Ridder regularly shows a good pre snap plan of where his advantages are and strong anticipation of where he should be going with the football. - Scouting Report Blurb on QB Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati

21. New England Patriots: CB Andrew Booth Jr., Clemson

Twitchy athlete who brings a compact frame and long limbs to the cornerback position. Energy jumps off the tape with his effort and urgency he plays with. Plays with savvy pre-snap, doing his best to disguise his alignments and not give the quarterback an indicator. - Scouting Report Blurb on oCB Andrew Booth Jr., Clemson

22. Green Bay Packers (via LV): WR Drake London, USC

Excellent concentration in traffic and over the middle of the field to keep his eye on the ball throughout the catch process. He is aware of where the space is in the defense to attack the holes. Sudden footwork at the top of his routes to keep defenders a step or two off of him. Can operate at all levels of the field. Great sideline awareness to understand where is on the field at all times, secure the catch and get his feet in bounds consistently. - Scouting Report Blurb on oWR Drake London, USC

23. Arizona Cardinals: CB Kaiir Elam, Florida

Long boundary corner with prototypical length and physicality. Loves playing from a press alignment where he utilizes a hands before feet approach, often opting to use his length to disrupt receivers with off-hand stabs and two-hand jams. Emphasizes using a kick step to win against vertical releases and force receivers off their path. - Scouting Report Blurb on oCB Kaiir Elam, Florida

24. Dallas Cowboys: DT Jordan Davis, Georgia

Davis pushes the pocket, using leg drive and length. He counters his naturally high pad level by extending and preventing opponents from getting under his pads. Davis can convert his get off into power, being tough to stop once he builds up momentum. - Scouting Report Blurb on NT Jordan Davis, Georgia

25. Buffalo Bills: CB Roger McCreary, Auburn

His speed is above average. At the catch point, McCreary is confident and consistently able to make an attempt at playing the football. He gains outside leverage in run support and is a capable tackler in space.- Scouting Report Blurb on oCB Roger McCreary, Auburn

26. Tennessee Titans: LB Nakobe Dean, Georgia

The further the season progressed, the more of a communicator he became. In pursuit, Dean uses his above-average speed to flow to the ball if he manages to stay clean. He takes blocks on low and shows play strength to prevent getting sealed. - Scouting Report Blurb on MIKE Nakobe Dean, Georgia

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: iOL Zion Johnson, Boston College

His flexible hips, back and ankles help him stand opposing players up. Johnson routinely seals defenders. What’s more, his persistent leg drive and strong grip after initiating help him generate power and sustain blocks. The Maryland native has a knack for using defenders’ momentum to wash them out of plays. - Scouting Report Blurb on OG Zion Johnson, Boston College

28. Green Bay Packers: DT Devonte Wyatt, Georgia

He gets penetration against sliding fronts right off the snap. Using his hands, he breaks free when attacking upfield by using a rip move or double hand swipe. Wyatt shows upper body strength to pull waist bending blockers. As a run defender, he consistently penetrates the backfield and utilizes his upper body strength to shed blocks. - Scouting Report Blurb on DT Devonte Wyatt, Georgia

29. Kansas City Chiefs (via SF): WR Jameson Williams, Alabama

A threat to overtop and can win downfield. Will do a good job finding and adjusting to the ball. After the catch, Williams has the ability to make people miss and make plays in space. An extremely gifted athlete with quick feet and can run any route in a system.- Scouting Report Blurb on oWR Jameson Williams, Alabama

30. Kansas City Chiefs: DE George Karlaftis, Purdue

He initiates contact with NFL length, flashing dominance when he wins leverage. What’s more, he frequently strings moves together. In general, the Purdue standout is a very dangerous power rusher. Karlaftis properly identifies and attacks an offensive tackle’s soft inside shoulder. - Scouting Report Blurb on 4-3 DE George Karlaftis, Purdue

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31. Cincinnati Bengals: CB Kyler Gordon, Washington

Fluid hips to turn and run with ease, showing very good acceleration to stay connected when needing to transition. Physical in coverage, likes to beat guys up without being grabby throughout the route. Good eye discipline in zone coverage as an underneath defender, does not allow himself to get out leveraged by route concepts. - Scouting Report Blurb on oCB Kyler Gordon, Washington

32. Detroit Lions (via LAR): LB Chad Muma, Wyoming

He consistently beats blocks with quickness and instincts. One of the best and most consistent tacklers in the class. He breaks down while staying square and rarely misses in the open field. Moreover, he displays good competitive and physical toughness. - Scouting Report Blurb on MIKE Chad Muma, Wyoming


33. Jacksonville Jaguars: OC Tyler Linderbaum, Iowa

34. Detroit Lions: oWR Chris Olave, Ohio State

35. New York Jets: oWR Treylon Burks, Arkansas

36. New York Giants: OG Kenyon Green, Texas A&M

37. Houston Texans: 4-3 DE David Ojabo, Michigan

38. New York Jets (via CAR): SAM Troy Andersen, Montana State

39. Chicago Bears: iWR Jahan Dotson, Penn State

40. Seattle Seahawks (via DEN): QB Matt Corral, Mississippi

41. Seattle Seahawks: oCB Tariq Woolen, UTSA

42. Indianapolis Colts (via WSH): oWR Alec Pierce, Cincinnati

43. Atlanta Falcons: oWR George Pickens, Georgia

44. Cleveland Browns: DT DeMarvin Leal, Texas A&M

45. Baltimore Ravens: 3-4 OLB Boye Mafe, Minnesota

46. Minnesota Vikings: oWR John Metchie III, Alabama

47. Washington Commanders (via IND): oCB Coby Bryant, Cincinnati

48. Chicago Bears (via LAC): LT Bernhard Raimann, Central Michigan

49. New Orleans Saints: oWR Christian Watson, NDSU

50. Kansas City Chiefs (via MIA): NT Travis Jones, UConn

51. Philadelphia Eagles: SAM Quay Walker, Georgia

52. Pittsburgh Steelers: LT Abraham Lucas, Washington State

53. Green Bay Packers (via LV): TE Trey McBride, Colorado State

54. New England Patriots: iWR Skyy Moore, Western Michigan

55. Arizona Cardinals: 3-4 OLB Arnold Ebiketie, Penn State

56. Dallas Cowboys: 4-3 DE Logan Hall, Houston

57. Buffalo Bills: RB Breece Hall, Iowa State

58. Atlanta Falcons (via TEN): RB Kenneth Walker III, Michigan State

59. Green Bay Packers: DS Nick Cross, Baylor

60. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: QB Carson Strong, Nevada

61. San Francisco 49ers: OC Cameron Jurgens, Nebraska

62. Kansas City Chiefs: oCB Zyon McCollum, Sam Houston State

63. Cincinnati Bengals: DT Perrion Winfrey, Oklahoma

64. Denver Broncos (via LAR): MIKE Leo Chenal, Wisconsin


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