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NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys 2022 7-Round NFL Mock Draft

Can the Dallas Cowboys make an even deeper run into the 2022 NFL Playoffs with this mock draft? Click here to view the full seven round mock draft.

The Dallas Cowboys have an extremely talented roster, but with a few holes to fill. With many rumors floating around about the potential to lose some of their top performers, they're going to have to hit on their picks if they want to stay in contention for the 2022 NFL Playoffs.


Dallas Cowboys 2022 NFL Mock Draft 

Can the Dallas Cowboys make an even deeper run into the 2022 NFL Playoffs with this mock draft? View the full seven round mock draft picks below.

Dallas Cowboys Pick 1 (24): 4-3 DE Logan Hall, Houston

The 6060 and 275-pound defensive lineman complements his notable length with linear burst. He has a solid first step and wins with lateral agility into and off of hand moves to beat offensive linemen with poor feet. That said, Hall’s best trait is his impressive effort. - Scouting Report Blurb on 4-3 DE Logan Hall, Houston

Dallas Cowboys Pick 2 (56): SS Jalen Pitre, Baylor

Jalen Pitre is an extremely violent, versatile and productive defender for the Baylor defense. Pitre is labeled as a safety and most often plays the slot/overhang role commonly seen in college. - Scouting Report Blurb on SS Jalen Pitre, Baylor

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Dallas Cowboys Pick 3 (88): SAM Darrian Beavers, Cincinnati

Beavers has a very long frame with good reach and length at the second level. He shows functional strength in and around the line of scrimmage to be physical with blockers. He has the ability to stack and shed in the box when offensive lineman lead block to the second level.- Scouting Report Blurb on SAM Darrian Beavers, Cincinnati

Dallas Cowboys Pick 4 (127): DT Christopher Hinton, Michigan

Displaying the versatility to line up all over the interior defensive line from 5-technique to a true nose, Hinton has a filled-out lower half. This thick lower body translates to very good strength in that area which allows him to anchor in the run game and absorb blows from the side. - Scouting Report Blurb on DT Christopher Hinton, Michigan

Dallas Cowboys Pick 5 (166): OC Cameron Jurgens, Nebraska

Jurgens shows spectacular athleticism for an offensive lineman. He is a train in the open field, with long strides and quick feet on screens. Jurgens gets to the second level quickly and can finish with hands-on. - Scouting Report Blurb on OC Cameron Jurgens, Nebraska

Dallas Cowboys Pick 6 (175): iWR Danny Gray, SMU

Gray offers good size at the position to play on the outside full-time. He plays with speed and quickness that gives him good ability before and after the catch. In his route progression, he really turns on the burners and has an elite second gear to pose a threat downfield. - Scouting Report Blurb on iWR Danny Gray, SMU

Dallas Cowboys Pick 7 (200): iCB Jack Jones, Arizona State

Jones is a fluid athlete that moves well in his pedal and in/out of breaks. Showed an ability to work in both press-man coverage and zone. With quick hands, he attacks the chest of wideouts and disrupts route timings. - Scouting Report Blurb on iCB Jack Jones, Arizona State 


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