The 2021 Reese’s Senior Bowl is underway and the fun has begun. While there is no NFL Combine, the Senior Bowl will have plenty more at stake for these players. There also has been some news that pro days for some schools are starting to get canceled. These Senior Bowl practices will make it more critical for these players. Let us check out the American Team linebacker and running back groups, along with the ups and downs they encountered in Day One.

Jabril Cox - LB - LSU

Overall, Jabril Cox had one of the better days for the American team linebackers. Cox was able to show what he could do in coverage against running backs and tight ends. He did have a few slips on the ground, which hurt him on some catches. One of his better coverage plays came when he was matched up with Elijah Mitchell. Mitchell ran down the field, using his speed but Cox kept right along his side and prevented Mitchell from making the catch. When Cox was matched up against Kylin Hill, one of the better pass catchers on the American team, Hill was able to make the catch but Cox was right on his tail and made the immediate tackle. Now on the flip side, Cox was excellent when in a pass-rushing situation. Cox used a nice side step with a swim move on both tight ends and running backs to make the play on the quarterback.

Kylin Hill - RB - Mississippi St.

Before the 2020 season started, Kylin Hill was a highly touted player in draft circles. We were only able to watch three games this season and were left wondering. Hill showed he is still a reliable pass-catching running back and earned a plus grade in pass protection. He created good separation against all the linebackers he went against and made his catches. Hill stood his ground when it comes to pass protection and put up a fight against the linebackers and wasn’t fooled when it came to swim moves or bull rushing. Hill has quick hands and keeps the defenders at bay. He was one of the best running backs in pass protection on day one of practice.

Paddy Fisher - LB - Northwestern

With all the good that comes out of practice, there also comes the bad. Paddy Fisher was on that list. He struggled mightily with coverage, often getting beat with a simple juke or even a little speed. The running backs and tight ends created lots of separation against him and made the catch downfield or in the flat. Fisher’s reaction time was a bit problematic. He would be late to the play even when he knew it was coming. Pass rushing wasn’t much better. Fisher needs to play a bit more physically, even against smaller running backs. He always seemed to miss the opportunity to get around the blocker and make the play on the quarterback.

Elijah Mitchell - RB - Louisana

If there is one thing Elijah Mitchell excels at, it is his pass-catching ability. While he does excel in this category, Mitchell needs to work on creating the separation and making the play. He will rely on only speed occasionally but that won’t get the job done. During one-on-one’s in pass protection, Mitchell was often getting beat on the inside. Jabril Cox juked to the outside and used a swim move on the inside to make the play. Mitchell lost a step when he wouldn’t hold his ground and let the linebacker come to him. He would take a few steps forward and when he did this, he lost his momentum and lost the play.

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