There is a great mix of strength and size in this year's American offensive and defensive line prospects. A great example of that is Alabama offensive guard DEONTE BROWN, who weighed in at 364 pounds. Although you may think he's slow just upon hearing that, when you turn the tape on, he has a sneaky side of athleticism that pops off the screen. It will be exciting to see how he competes with the other interior offensive lineman at the Senior Bowl this week.

Here are some notes on the other American linemen on Day 1 of practice.

Alabama offensive tackle ALEX LEATHERWOOD struggled in the one on one period of the American practice on Tuesday. He seemed a bit slow on his feet and clearly lacked the arm length to compete with the quick pass rushers on the outside. While this may be a worry, he could play much better inside where he doesn't need to be as quick, and he can rely on his strength.

Mississippi offensive tackle ROYCE NEWMAN had some troubles on Tuesday, particularly with players that utilize bull-rush tendencies. He has quick feet but was outmuscled on a few one on one reps. He should translate well to right tackle in the NFL but certainly needs to work on his anchor and upper body strength. On the other side, Wake Forest defensive end CARLOS BASHAM JR. seemed to show up in peak form on Tuesday. After measuring at 6033 and 281lbs, he looks ready to fight for one of the top defensive end spots.

Kansas State WYATT HUBERT looked fast in the one on ones. He has a lot of burst and exceptional bend, which resulted in some wins in the team period. It will be interesting to see how he translates to the NFL, but he certainly has the technical qualities that you look for in a defensive end. Hubert utilizes his hands well and does a nice job of using them in his pass rush. Look for Hubert to make a real impression on NFL scouts over the week. He's a name to watch as a top 100 player.

Kentucky center DRAKE JACKSON was one of the most impressive American interior offensive linemen on Tuesday. His strength on the inside was fun to watch. He has a big anchor and the defensive lineman certainly feels his punch. Jackson's quick feet and flexible hips allow him to maintain a low base while in pass protection while also allowing him to be a powerful run blocker. It will be exciting to watch him the rest of the week.

The most surprising performance on Tuesday was UAB defensive end JORDAN SMITH. He was great with his hands, and his burst off of the line of scrimmage was impressive. After a great weigh-in on Tuesday morning at 6061 and 255 pounds, Smith is certainly a name to watch when you talk about prospects rising during the Senior Bowl week. After a struggle with off the field issues at Florida, he has certainly come into his own at UAB and matured. If he interviews well, there is a big opportunity to move up NFL draft boards in the next couple of months.

There is more to come from Day 2 of the Senior Bowl! *Be sure to check back throughout the week for our exclusive coverage of the Reese’s 2021 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. For more in-depth scouting reports, be sure to reserve your copy of the 2021 NFL Draft Bible Publication!