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The Senior Bowl completed measurements on Tuesday with some of the top prospects in the country. The Senior Bowl will be crucial this year for measurements. The combine will be of a limited variety, so we will rely on these measurements a bunch come draft time.

Every year we see measurements that ‘wow’ teams or even make teams hesitate on prospects. This year will be no different. There will be plenty of weight put on this year's Senior Bowl measurements, even for top prospects from big conferences. One conference that will be on display heavily at the Senior Bowl will be the Atlantic Coastal Conference (ACC). The ACC has almost 30 participants at the Senior Bowl. Coming off a season where they had 50% of the College Football Playoff Teams, they’ll be heavily talked about at the Senior Bowl. Here are some of the measurements that stood out:

JAMIE NEWMAN | Wake Forest | QB | Height: 6027 | Weight: 235 | Wingspan: 7600 | Arm: 3048 | Hand: 1000

This is an important week for Newman, who opted out of this past season. Listed at a shade under 6-foot-3, with 10-inch hands, the measurements were a good start. A dangerous weapon with the ball in is hands, at 235 pounds, he is an impressive athlete for his size. Newman possesses tremendous traits to develop at the next level and the measurements will help him out as well. After the top four quarterbacks, everything is up in the air at the position. If a team believes in Newman, he could hear his name called on Day 2.

SAGE SURRATT | Wake Forest | WR | Height: 6025 | Weight: 215 | Wingspan: 7900 | Arm: 3200 | Hand: 0900

Once the top target of the aforementioned Newman, the Wake Forest wideout has been sliding on some draft boards due to the question of where he wins at the next level. Thought to be a physical catch point winner, Surratt measured in as average. Nothing jumped out as great for him. He would have to show some crazy athleticism to push himself into the top 100.

CORNELL POWELL | Clemson | WR | Height: 6001 | Weight: 205 | Wingspan: 7900 | Arm: 3218 | Hand: 1000

The ultra-aggressive, physical Powell came on strong down the stretch of the season and carried that momentum over into Mobile, with a pleasant weigh-in. He showed understated length and size compared to his film, to go along with big hands. The two-time National Champion is viewed as a mid-late round candidate entering the week.

HUNTER LONG | Boston College | TE | Height: 6051 | Weight: 254 | Wingspan: 8300 | Arm: 3368 | Hand: 0968

The draft stock of Hunter Long continues to trend up. We already knew that he had size but his measurables show he will be able to handle all aspects of the game at the next level. The height and weight show he will have no problem blocking nine-techniques at the next level. The arm length and wingspan show an impressive catch radius, which he displayed at Boston College. Teams will love what they see on tape and now have measurements to back up their thoughts.

AARON BANKS | Notre Dame | OG | Height: 6053 | Weight: 338 | Wingspan: 8200 | Arm: 3318 | Hand: 1018

Nothing is more fun than seeing a player with great tape measuring in favorably. That is the case for Notre Dame guard Aaron Banks. The California native measured in with great height, weight and length for the interior offensive line position. His size makes it especially tough to move him off his mark, which is evident on his tape. Get ready for a rise of his stock, especially if he dominates in the one-on-one drills.

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ADETOKUNBO OGUNDEJI | Notre Dame | DL | Height: 6043 | Weight: 256 | Wingspan: 8538 | Arm: 3528 | Hand: 0958

Maybe the hardest name to pronounce in the draft, Adetokunbo Ogundeji (Ah-duh-kun-bo O-kin-dee-gee) added some weight to his pockets on Tuesday. The height and weight were just average for the position but the arm length and wingspan are immaculate. The question will be whether or not he can consistently use that length to win at the next level. He will have ample opportunities to show off at the Senior Bowl and if he does so, his stock could sky-rocket.

JANARIUS ROBINSON | Florida State | EDGE | Height: 6050 | Weight: 266 | Wingspan: 8700 | Arm: 3568 | Hand: 1100

No concerns with Robinson in the size department, who helped his draft status with impressive measurements on Tuesday. Robinson showed tremendous length with 3568 arms. He also possessed an 87” wingspan and 11” hands. All of that is unteachable length that will translate. Robinson’s problem is on his tape. He needs the workouts more than anyone to prove to teams that he will be able to effectively use that length at the next level.

CHARLES SNOWDEN | Virginia | LB | Height: 6062 | Weight: 232 | Wingspan: 8228 | Arm: 3400 | Hand: 0948

Prior to his injury, Snowden had an impressive season for Virginia this past year. He had already made a name for himself around the league but one thing you can't teach is size and Snowden showed he has plenty. Specifically, tremendous height and excellent length for the position. The question for Snowden is where does he fit? With that size, he best translates to an edge rusher but his playstyle doesn’t pigeon-hole him there. Either way, teams will love the opportunity to work with him.

IFEATU MELIFONWU | Syracuse | CB | Height: 6025 | Weight: 212 | Wingspan: 8018 | Arm: 3218 | Hand: 0900

A fast-riser, Melifonwu could continue to zoom up draft boards once he gets to the on-field portions of the workout. He boosted his stock in the measurements category as well. Specifically, Melifonwu impressed with a height of 6025 and an arm length of 3218. These numbers confirm the length we saw on film. The Syracuse corner is a press-man expert who will fit most systems in the league with his movement abilities and size.

HAMSAH NASIRILDEEN | Florida State | S | Height: 6031 | Weight: 213 | Wingspan: 8268 | Arm: 3428 | Hand: 1000

The Florida State product is tremendously talented. Nasirildeen has the tape you’d like to see from the position. The concern for him has been injuries and durability. Nasirildeen may have bought himself a way to disguise those concerns with how he measured in. At 6031 his height is superb for the position but the length in his arms at 3428 adds to his already impressive range. As long as the medicals check out, Nasirildeen stands to benefit as one of the first safeties off the board in the NFL Draft.

DIVINE DEABLO | Virginia Tech | S | Height: 6033 | Weight: 226 | Wingspan: 7918 | Arm: 3268 | Hand: 0948

Though he doesn’t quite own as impressive film, Deablo measured in very favorably as well. A low-end draft pick entering the day, the measurements may have confirmed he will hear his name called during draft weekend, as the size is impressive. There are just way too many questions on his tape to jump his stock too far up.

*Be sure to check back throughout the week for our exclusive coverage of the Reese’s 2021 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. For more in-depth scouting reports, be sure to reserve your copy of the 2021 NFL Draft Bible Publication!