After chomping at the bit since the National Championship game, Senior Bowl week is finally here and we are ready! Measurables and the first practices are completed. We will be diving into the American and National practices throughout the week. Let’s focus on the guys who stood out and those who didn’t from the Big-12 reporting.

Here are a few players, based on their measurables, who helped their draft stock.

ADRIAN EALY | Oklahoma | OL | Height: 6064 | Weight: 326 | Wingspan: 8268 | Arm: 3258 | Hand: 1000

Oklahoma offensive lineman Adrian Ealy came in with an 8268 wingspan, which was good enough to be inside the top seven among offensive linemen. It will be harder for defenders to just run around Ealy and make the easy play with the longer wingspan.

TA’QUAN GRAHAM | Texas | OL | Height: 6030 | Weight: 290 | Wingspan: 8518 | Arm: 3478 | Hand: 1058

Texas defensive lineman Ta’Quan Graham came in with the third-longest wingspan for his position group. This is a significant bump for the senior lineman. His longer wingspan will help him get around the offensive linemen without being locked up quickly. Graham will be able to engage the offensive lineman quicker and get around him to the ball carrier and make the play.

We just went through the stock up guys; let’s look at some of the stock down guys in terms of measurables.

SAM EHLINGER | Texas | QB | Height: 6014 | Weight: 222 | Wingspan: 7518 | Arm: 3000 | Hand: 0968

Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger didn’t do himself any favors to start the day. Ehlinger finished at the bottom of the quarterback list in both wingspan (7518) and arm size (3000). He finished with a hand size of 968, which can cause some concern. We saw the issue with hand size last year (see Joe Burrow) but it didn’t seem to matter too much.

CREED HUMPHREY | Oklahoma | C | Height: 6045 | Weight: 312 | Wingspan: 7948 | Arm: 3168 | Hand: 0958

Oklahoma offensive lineman Creed Humphrey finished in the bottom three in his position group in wingspan and arm size. This is a big knock on a potential day two selection. Humphrey will have a more challenging time engaging the defense, making his time shorter on how to react moving forward. Being an interior offensive lineman, it will help him as he isn’t trying to protect the outside by himself.

WYATT HUBERT | Kansas State | DE | Height: 6026 | Weight: 265 | Wingspan: 7700 | Arm: 3000 | Hand: 1018

Kansas State defensive end Wyatt Hubert came in at the bottom among defensive linemen in wingspan (7700), arm size (3000) and height (6026). A shorter wingspan/arm size can be concerning when it comes to block shedding. It will take Hubert longer to engage the offensive linemen and make his move around the player. Hubert has a high motor and is a very physical player. Using those skills, he can make it work around those measurables.

TYLAN WALLACE | Oklahoma State | WR | Height: 5110 | Weight: 193 | Wingspan: 7348 | Arm: 3258 | Hand: 0948

A few players didn’t have blow-away numbers from the measurables but that shouldn’t stop us from talking about them. One of the more prominent names of this Senior Bowl is Oklahoma State wide receiver Tylan Wallace. He didn’t drop any eye-popping numbers but he did finish with one of the best numbers in arm size at 32” arms. Wallace also finished within the top ten in hand size among receivers but only came in at 5110 height-wise, finishing in the bottom five.

With no combine this year, these numbers will be interesting to see how they hold up when they do their pro days at their respective schools. Stay tuned during the rest of the week for all your Senior Bowl updates and be sure to reserve your copy of the 2021 NFL Draft Bible Publication!