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Welcome to the Superflex Spotlight series! This collection of articles will take a deep dive into the incoming quarterbacks of the 2021 NFL Draft. In Superflex Dynasty leagues, it’s good practice to be informed on the quarterbacks of the future. This series will allow you to get all the information you need on the upcoming quarterback class including strengths, weaknesses, projected draft slot, an overall overview of their college career, and more.


Trey Lance 

SCHOOL: North Dakota State 

PROJECTION: Early to mid-first round


Trey Lance committed to play football at North Dakota State University in December of 2017. Starting as a redshirt freshman in 2019, Trey Lance put NFL scouts on notice with a truly incredible season. He combined for 3,886 total yards, throwing for 2,786 and rushing for 1,100. His touchdown-to-interception ratio was a stellar 28-0. He scored 42 total touchdowns, throwing for 28 and adding 14 on the ground. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic in 2020, North Dakota State was only able to play one game this past season against Central Arkansas where Lance was 15-of-30 through the air for 149 yards. He threw for two touchdowns and was intercepted once. He rushed 15 times for 143 yards and two touchdowns in the game.


Lance has a lot to like about his game. His arm strength allows him to test all three parts of the field. His ability to hit throws outside the numbers with the right amount of touch and good accuracy stood out. When you give him a clean pocket, he is more than capable of progressing through his reads and making good decisions. His throw on the run ability was put on display a lot at North Dakota State. He may be a little green in terms of his footwork and mechanics but there’s enough to work with here to make him into a really good NFL quarterback. Last but certainly not least with Lance, he can run. He is extremely mobile and has enough juice to be a problem on the ground.

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Like any prospect, Lance is not without his flaws. He gets a little unsettled when under pressure. There were times where he had plenty of time to set his feet and throw a strike and rushed the throw. He will need to work on how he evades pressure at the NFL level. Overall his footwork can be an issue at times but with proper coaching, that should be fixable at the NFL level. One thing he’ll need to clean up a bit is his throwing motion. It can be a bit robotic at times and that can lead to defensive backs reading his eyes and jumping routes. The game against Central Arkansas showcased just that when he was picked for zeroing in on a read a bit too long.


Trey Lance is going to be a hot topic this draft season. His 2019 tape is stellar and his 2020 tape is practically non-existent. Scouts will bring up the level of competition he was going against at North Dakota State. That jump in-game speed will be discussed leading up to the draft. Lance will be best suited to sit behind a veteran who can help him learn the offense he is drafted into. He is supremely talented but likely needs some seasoning. That is okay to admit, he will only benefit from that show of patience. Of course, we can’t fully expect his future team to be so patient. Lance can play, there’s no doubt about it. His rushing upside will help him. He is safe with the football as showcased by the zero he posted in the interception column back in 2019. A team that implements an offense like the 2020 New England Patriots (replace Cam Newton with Lance) would be an ideal scenario for Lance.


Look when it comes to being a QB1 in fantasy football, rushing upside is king. While it is uncertain how quickly Lance will hit the field, it is certain that when he hits the ground he will be running. That’s a big part of his game. Also, the lack of turnovers is a big deal. Quarterbacks who protect the ball are valued commodities. If that part of Lance’s game can translate to the next level, then the sky's the limit. Expect Trey Lance to be a fantasy darling and a QB1 sooner rather than later.


Please do keep in mind we are talking Superflex here. Quarterbacks who have the rushing upside that Lance does are extremely valuable in this format. Lawrence, Fields, and Wilson are all going to be considered for the first round of rookie drafts. Lance should be included in that group but he will require some patience. Unfortunately (or maybe, fortunately, depending on where you’re picking), the fantasy community severely lacks patience. Lance should not fall out of the first round but if he does, then capitalize and go get him. He has serious QB1 potential. 

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