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2023 NFL Draft Stock Watch: Hype and Overhype

As we near the start of the college football season, who are the players that are getting love, and the ones that shouldn't be getting as much for the 2023 NFL Draft?
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We are two weeks away from college football officially kicking off for the 2022 season, and every team is readying themselves for the long road to what they hope will be a College Football Playoffs appearance. This is also every team's favorite time to blast you with who their all-stars are and who will make waves on a national scale. We all know there is a lot of favoritism in this part of the season, and most of what you hear probably won't come to fruition, but you need to be confident to start a season any year.

This could also be a very important season for college football as a whole because all the reshuffling could completely change the landscape of the game, and it could be vital for smaller schools to show out this year. That is a whole different topic, so we will stick to the player side of things for now. That said, let's put on our Gordon Gekko masks and see whose stock we should buy and those we should sell.

Kansas State RB Deuce Vaughn
Miami OT Zion Nelson
Deshawn Pace, Linebacker, Cincinnati
Cincinnati QB Ben Bryant
Oklahoma WR Marvin Mims
Oregon LB Noah Sewell


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