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2023 NFL Draft: Week 3 Stock Report

College football is in full steam now and it hasn't calmed down whatsoever, so played great and who fumbled their opportunity.
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Week 3 of the 2022 college football season is in the books, and the landscape is becoming clearer. There are, of course, the usual suspects at the top of the rankings, but things get a lot more interesting as you work your way down the list. The one thing this season has already shown us and is a great sign for the sport as a whole, there is a ton more disparity across the nation. We could see some new teams reign atop the “Power 5” conferences as the ACC seems wide open, with teams like Syracuse making some noise. There have been some fresh faces taking over the country, too. These players have elevated the game to one of the most exciting season starts in recent history. Surely we have all heard football has evolved into a quarterback-driven sport. Well, that idea strengthened this week because we have a few signal callers talk about this week. Now get out your ledgers, and let’s find out who is making that money and who can’t get out of the red.

Georgia QB Stetson Bennett
Purdue QB Aidan O'Connell
bijan robinson (2)
Notre Dame EDGE Isaiah Foskey
Oregon iDL Brandon Dorlus
Jalen Berger
Nebraska DT Ben Stille


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