The three-star recruit from Upper Marlboro, Maryland took a rather unconventional route to get onto a college football field, playing at Fork Union Military Academy in 2016. Darrisaw was not heavily recruited afterward. Virginia Tech was the offer he would accept over those from Duke, North Carolina Central and Morgan State.

As a freshman for the Hokies, Darrisaw stood out at left tackle, earning Freshman All-American honors. Establishing himself in 2019, he started all 13 games at left tackle and while he was eligible to enter the draft, he decided better of it and returned for his junior season.

This would turn out to be the right call for him as he cemented himself as one of the best tackles in the nation. Darrisaw declared for the 2021 NFL Draft and is seen as one of the best tackles in the class by the consensus.

The Evaluation

Standing in at nearly 6-foot-5 and weighing 315 pounds, Darrisaw looks shorter than he is, as he is lower cut than those of most players. However, his appearance should not fool anyone, as he possesses the required length to keep pass-rushers out of his chest and gain access to them by landing his punch.

In the run game, the Washington, DC native is powerful, consistently extending and redirecting opponents with his heavy hands. Darrisaw drives defenders off the ball, opening up running lanes for his teammates. He excels at getting a push and then staying attached while moving laterally in the zone running game. On combo blocks, he and left guard Lecitus Smith to soften up defensive fronts, arriving at the second level to finish off blocks with the power pop.

One area where Darrisaw thrives is getting his hips in position to drive his legs and take advantage of blocking angles in order to move defenders. While not tasked with many jump sets, he shows the ability to gain depth, maintaining low pad level and feet. Possessing quick lateral movement skills, he can consistently match, pass-off or recover on stunts and blitzes.

Darrisaw is very cautious to not overset, as he rightfully trusts his athleticism to recover against college rushers on speed tracks. At the top of his set, he anchors consistently, extending to keep rushers at bay and digging in with his cleats, while remaining on balance. He did not get threatened by speed-to-power rushes on vertical sets at the college level, as his feet stay in the ground, even when he is attacked by a lower defender.

Thanks to his aforementioned heavy hands, Darrisaw is able to stay attached to the rusher when his outside hand lands in pass protection. Technically refined pass-rushers are able to swipe his punch before it lands, resulting in him lunging at times. He will have to improve his recovery ability in such situations. His pad level can become an issue in the run game, as he tends to stand up too quickly. In space, he looks slow, without explosiveness when pulling or climbing into the second level.

Darrisaw projects as a starting tackle at the next level with redeeming traits such as balance and power. His lower body flexibility allows him to get into position and take advantage of blocking angles, as well as staying attached while moving laterally.

While his punch is powerful, Darrisaw has to work on recovering when it does not hit. Outside of his lack of explosiveness in a straight line, his foot issues are minor and should be fixed in camp. Even if they cannot be fixed his floor is a quality guard.

The Tape

Able to mirror the rusher, Darrisaw anchors at the top of the set and shuts down the attempted long arm power rush:

The pop in his hands is apparent on plays like this one where he pushes defenders over completely:

Watch him get his hips around and opening a big running lane:

Here he gets inside the five-technique and seals him off before driving him completely out of the play:

On combo blocks, he softens up defensive fronts with his power and drive: 

His aforementioned issues to recover when his punch does not connect are apparent on plays like this one:

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