Interview with Oklahoma center Creed Humphrey

On Rhamondre Stevenson and Ronnie Perkins, what did you think on how they did and how did they handle the last year? I think they had a great performance today and did really well for themselves. I think they really handled everything they had gone through this past year like pros. They couldn’t have handled it any better than what they did. I’m really happy for them and excited to see what they do.

You really showed off athleticism today that we hadn’t seen at Oklahoma. I was excited about it. At Oklahoma, I’m asked to do a ton athletically. We’re a heavy gap scheme team. I’m blocking back a ton, so it was good for me to go out there and show my athleticism. I was pretty happy with what I did today. There were a couple things I could’ve done a little better, but I was pretty happy overall.

How big was it to show that athleticism today? Today was really just about proving what all I can do. I have a ton of film out there, so teams have a good idea of what I can do. I really just looked forward to coming out here, having fun, moving around, and having fun with it. It was good for me to come out here and show how athletic I actually am. I definitely think it caught a few people by surprise.

Have NFL teams talked to you about playing multiple positions? I told every team, I’m not just a center. I want to be on the field wherever I can be. I see myself as a versatile guy. I can play at any three interior positions, for sure. I’m comfortable with all of those. I think teams saw that on film. They knew I could do that. Today was about making sure of that and I think I did a good job with it.

What did you prepare for heading into your pro day? I trained down at MJP (Michael Johnson Performance) in Frisco, Texas area. We worked combine drills. Duke Merriweather is O line coach down there. I still got to do a ton of technique work with him and really getting football knowledge, things like that. That’s the reason I picked there to get better in technique and expand my football IQ. I was really happy with the decision I made.

This wasn’t a normal draft work up. Did that put more pressure on you to perform today or is the tape enough

to make up for that as a three-year starter? I definitely think it’s important for some people that don’t have a ton of tape out there. I’m lucky that I got to play at an early age and play in a lot of games here, so I’m lucky with the tape I have. So, I don’t think there was as much pressure for me as there could be for some other people. I was just happy to go out there and perform and have fun with it.

Do you prefer center or guard? I see myself as a center, but wherever I need to play, I’m a team-oriented guy, so whatever a team needs me at I’ll be comfortable playing. You can put me at punter, I don’t care, I’ll play where I need to play for a team.

On doing bench reps for at-risk pets in your hometown, you don’t see many guys trying to raise money with pro day drills, because of pressure already, but how did you decide on this and how much money did you raise? That was a big thing for me. I’m a person that loves animals and my mom volunteers at SPAR (Savings Pets at Risk), so I’ve been down there a lot helping with dogs, so it was important for me to do that. As soon as my marketing guy asked if I wanted to do that, I was all in on it. I’m not sure how much money I raised, but it was a good thing for me to do.

You do some things most offensive linemen aren’t supposed to be able to do, but what aside from athleticism

separates you from other offensive linemen in this draft? I would say leadership qualities. I’ve been a two-time captain at OU and that’s voted on by the players so that’s something the players really saw in me and I’m thankful for doing that. Leadership qualities then really just my football knowledge, understanding defensive philosophies, what teams want to do in certain situations, what teams want to do in different formations, things like that, but I would say that’s what really separates me from a lot of people in this draft.

If you had your choice, who would you like to go against on the defensive front? I don’t care who I’m going against. I want to go against the best players. That’s what it’s all about, going against the best players and becoming a better player doing that.

What players do you model your game after in the NFL? In the offseason, I do a ton of NFL study. The three guys that I always looked at throughout my career at OU that I like to watch and steal some things from them would be Travis Frederick from the Cowboys, Maurkice Pouncey from the Steelers, and Nick Mangold from the Jets. Those are the three I watch the most. All three of them are tough physical players, good leaders for their team, so they are the kinds of guys I’m drawn to the most.

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