NFL Draft Profile: Adam Anderson, Defensive End, Georgia Bulldogs

NFL Draft profile scouting report for Georgia defensive end, Adam Anderson
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Adam Anderson
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Pos: DE
Ht: 6046
Wt: 225
DOB: 10/19/_
Eligible: 2022
Rome, GA

Adam Anderson
Georgia Bulldogs


Leinweber: Possessing a tremendous get-off, Anderson stresses tackles with speed on a consistent basis. He punishes slow blockers by simply running around them, displaying the ability to bend the corner. His play strength allows him to stay on track around the arc. Off of that speed threat, Anderson counters by beating oversets with an inside swim move. Great length helps him stab the chest of opponents. The conversion of speed to power by Anderson is dominant, arriving with a pop to knock tackles that already struggle to get deep enough off their feet. In the run game, he is able to extend and shed tight ends consistently. A capable zone coverage defender, Anderson uses his length to drop into space. His burst is apparent, closing on ball carriers quickly. He tackles well, wrapping up and dragging opponents down.


Leinweber: Despite showing power on tape, Anderson is lighter than teams would like to see, having a skinny build. A lack of experience puts his ability to consistently defend the run in question. Anderson is slow to process routes and bites on pump fakes. At the moment he gets upfield, making him a non-factor on screens.


Leinweber: Skinny and long 3-4 outside linebacker who has a special get-off and burst. Anderson is a consistent threat on a speed track thanks to his athleticism and bend. Converting speed to power on a dominant basis and countering inside against oversets make him a premier pass rusher. A lack of size and experience as well as below average processing put his three-down value into question. Anderson projects as a designated pass rusher early in his career who will command extra attention from offenses to slow him down, given his dominance in one on one situations. Play strength and length should help him contribute on run downs. He can be one of the better pass rushers in the league. 


Raised in Rome, Georgia. A five-star recruit according to 247Sports. Sport management major. Utilized as a designated pass-rusher by Georgia. 


Leinweber: Skinny and long outside linebacker with special explosiveness, bend and dominant ability to convert speed to power. Designated pass rusher early on who will be one of the better pass rushers in the league. Lack of experience and slow processing puts his three-down value into question. 


Current Player Value/Potential Player Value

Leinweber: 7.8/9.2