NFL Draft Profile: Daniel Wright, Safety, Alabama Crimson Tide

NFL Draft profile scouting report for Alabama safety, Daniel Wright
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Daniel Wright
alabama crimson tide logo

Pos: DS
Ht: 6000
Wt: 190
DOB: 3/25/99
Eligible: 2022
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Boyd Anderson

Daniel Wright
Alabama Crimson Tide


Leinweber: Best in two high or robbing the middle of the field where he can read the quarterback and get to the ball. Undercuts routes at the sideline and has good hands to pick passes. Wright has the length to contest the catch point and make a play from behind receivers.


Leinweber: Below-average athlete who has limited range at the back end. Wright is not very dynamic in space, transitioning slowly as his feet get narrow. Does not play with urgency, looking sloppy at times. Bad tackler as he lacks physicality, tackles high and is not twitchy to adjust angles late. His eyes are inconsistent, getting stuck in the backfield and causing him to be out of position. Wright is not an enforcer when rotating down into the box.


Leinweber: Lanky safety who lacks desired athleticism and physicality. Wright does not cover much ground and fails to tackle ball carriers reliably. He plays conservatively, picking his spots for when to be aggressive, preventing him from having more ball production. Wright projects as a potential practice squad safety who is tough to project to a special teams role given his lack of physical traits.


A unanimous four-star recruit and one of the top players from Florida. Brother of former Gators and Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Major Wright. Suffered a season-ending injury as a sophomore. 


Leinweber: Lanky safety who lacks desired athleticism and physicality to make a roster. 


Current Player Value/Potential Player Value

Leinweber: 5.0/5.5