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Free Agent Report: Augustin Mande, RB, Ottawa Sooners

Scouting Report for Augustin Mande

Name: Augustin Mande

Position: Running back

Measurements (Unofficial): 5-10/5-11 (range) 240

College: Ottawa Sooners

Hometown: Ottawa, ON


Augustin is large in bulk. He demonstrates the ability to handle a large quantity of carries due to his overall size. Consistently leans forward while finishing off runs. Able to run through tackles on almost every run. Demonstrates patience while pressing the hole. Displays ability to support in Pass Pro.


Needs to development vertical his vertical speed, burst through the hole, and short area foot quickness. Would like to see him work on his elusiveness in space.


Augustin is a large workhorse type back that excels between the tackles. Augustin’s main quality is his size and lower body power that enables him to run though tackles and push piles. Augustin will need to work on his overall athleticism both vertically as well as in short areas. Augustin projects as a running back at the nest level that has the ability to carry a heavy load.

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