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Height: 5112, Weight: 187, Hand: 1028, Arm: 3318, Wing: 7568 Agent: Christian Kranz. 

Justin Hardy, WR, ECU

Justin Hardy wore #3 at the HUB Football Camp. The veteran savvy of Hardy prevailed during one-on-ones and team drills, as he showed off his vertical game, including one play where he out-leaped two defenders in the back of the end zone, displaying outstanding body control, awareness and concentration to stay in bounds for the completion. He appeared to be well-conditioned, still has a genuine passion for the game and showed he can make good use of his extremely large mittens.


The former East Carolina receiver was a 4th round pick in 2015 to the Atlanta Falcons. He played 4 seasons with the Falcons. At East Carolina he was an all-conference finisher twice. 


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