NFL Free Agent HUB Report: Niko Culnan

HUB report from the CAMP for center Niko Culnan
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CULNAN, NIKO | School: Albany | Position: C | Height: 6021v | Weight: 310v | Hand: 0958v | Arm: 3168v | Wing: 7518v | Age: 22 | Agent: Michael Giorgio


Thick-built upper/lower body; wide thighs, base. Packs a powerful punch, demonstrates sound hand placement and excellent leg drive. Did very well on pulling down the line, coming around the edge and taking good angles. Drew praise from HUB offensive line coach Eugene Chung for his footwork. While fundamentally sound, he is limited athletically and laterally. Compensates for his deficiencies by being a student of the game; a very smart player who was relied upon to make pre-snap reads at LOS. A finisher; plays through the whistle. Has been training full-time… working on explosiveness and athleticism; needs to improve on flexibility/bend. Could stand to lose five-to-ten pounds. It was encouraging to see that he was one of the most improved players from start to finish of workout; took to coaching and applied it on the spot to the best of his ability. Due to lack of prototype height, arm length and speed, he will need to seek developmental reps until he can compete for an NFL roster spot. Could certainly play in another pro league such as CFL, TSL, FCF, etc., as he continues to fine-tune.


Played in a variated spread offense at Albany, gap-scheme/zone run… heavy pass-orientated attack. Started his final 25 games at center for Albany; played his first two seasons at Hudson Valley Community College. Majored in informatics. Ran track, did shotput and played lacrosse at Colonie High School. Son of Lance Culnan and Sherry Palma. Has a brother, Griffin, and sister, Adrian. Uncle was a world-class powerlifter.