A Little Look at Jalen Hurts Could Become a Bigger Look in Future Weeks

Eagles coach Doug Pederson said Hurts' 3 snaps last week were a "small drop in the bucket to probably getting his career off and running at some point"
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Three snaps.

That’s all we saw from Jalen Hurts against the Los Angeles Rams last week.

Could more be in the offing when the Cincinnati Bengals visit on Sunday?

Eagles passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach Press Taylor had this to say on Friday:

“He's done a great job. We feel like all our quarterbacks are responsible for knowing everybody's role at every single time. If there is a time, we throw Jalen in there, we don't look at it as he's a receiver. We look at it as we are getting two quarterbacks on the field.

“We are threatening the defense in some way, shape, or form, either with what we are doing or what we could possibly present to the defense in some way, shape, or form. So every time we do something like that it's purely to give our offense an advantage and threaten the defense another way.”

VIDEO: A fantasy look at Jalen Hurts

Wolverine Studios, founded in 2006 by Gary Gorski, runs full season simulations, among other things, and they ran 100 simulations of Eagles’ seasons with Carson Wentz at quarterback and another 100 with Hurts at quarterback, each time using the same 2020 roster.

With Wentz, Philadelphia has an average record of 9-7, 30 percent of the time they made the playoffs, winning the division in 12 percent of the simulations. The simulation gives them a four percent chance of making it to the Super Bowl, but they lost in all appearances.

Wentz on average threw for 4,100 yards with 28 TDs to 15 INTs. In 22 percent of the simulations, Wentz led the team to at least 10 wins on the season.

With Hurts at the helm, things were not the improvement some fans may be hoping for.

The simulation predicts he will struggle to lead the team on average to a 6-10 record. In only six percent of the simulations did he lead the team to the playoffs and only in two percent of the simulations did the team win the division.

Hurts managed to get the team to the NFC championship twice but could not win either game. On average our simulations predicted a season of 3,700 yards with 23 TDs and 17 INTs.

For more on Wolverine Studios, their site can be found at:


Hurts isn’t ready to play quarterback in anyone’s estimation, including Wolverine Studios, but that doesn’t mean he cannot help the offense produce in other ways.

“He has a skill set that - that we saw in college, obviously, and just felt like it was an opportunity to maybe get him sort of coming just a little bit,” said head coach Doug Pederson on Friday about Hurts’ debut last Sunday.

“It's nothing against (backup) Nate Sudfeld or any of that. We feel we have two really good backup quarterbacks. It's a week-to-week decision, quite frankly, based on opponent, based on game plan and things like that.

“But the things we had in last week for him, he handled well and it's a small drop in the bucket I think to probably getting his career off and running at some point.”

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