Acquiring Jalen Ramsey a no brainer, but there are other considerations in play

Ed Kracz

Jalen Ramsey showed up for the start of the Jacksonville Jaguars training camp this summer in an armored car loaded with dozens of fake money bags in the back.

Right now, Ramsey is on the trade market, after a sideline scuffle this past Sunday with his head coach, Doug Marrone, this after the Jaguars picked up the option year on Ramsey’s rookie contract.So he is tied to the team for $13.7 million in 2020. Now he wants out, and somebody else will eventually fill that truck with mega millions.

It could be the Eagles, though they are one of several teams that include the Raiders and Chiefs that could be a landing spot for the disgruntled best cornerback in the NFL.

As of now, Ramsey is scheduled to play Thursday night against the Tennessee Titans.

General manager Howie Roseman said the he will investigate any player that is available to see if there is a match and a deal can be worked out, but to acquire Ramsey would require a steep price, not only in the money that he will eventually command, but in terms of resources the Eagles will have to surrender.

There are reports that Roseman has already offered Jacksonville next year’s number one draft pick and a fifth-round choice, too.

Surely, the Jags laughed at that.

Roseman may sweeten the offer, but must keep in mind a salary cap that already includes big deals for quarterback Carson Wentz and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. How many $100 million contracts can Roseman’s budget absorb?

Monetary concerns such as that could have been a reason the Eagles decided to pass on defensive end Jadeveon Clowney when he was available and before eventually being dealt for not a lot to the Seattle Seahawks.

This Eagles defense, though, could use exactly the sort of shot in the arm Ramsey would provide.

Ronald Darby has been targeted 17 times in two games, which is the second most of any cornerback in the league, and he hasn't fared well on those targets.

Darby is coming off ACL surgery so it is clear that opposing offensive coordinators are picking on him.

"They count on me to make plays," said Darby, "so I'm going to go out there and contnue to play. It's me, I have to come ready to play."

It should be noted that Ramsey, 24, and Darby, 25, are friends from their days at Florida State. So a reunion of the two could help Darby.

On the other side, the Eagles have rotated corners Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas with mixed results, as the Eagles have given up six passing touchdowns in two games this season.

There is also a concern about an Eagles pass rush that hasn't generated much pressure and has just two sacks this season.

Having Ramsey be able to cover a second or two longer and allow that rush to get home would help as well.

It makes all the sense in the world for Roseman to make his best offer for Ramsey – at least for on the field reasons.

It’s off the field, and in the wallet, where Roseman may have to draw the line.

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I think it would be best to stay away from Ramsey. He's a great player but we'd have to give up too much draft capital and he's going to command a huge salary soon.

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Ed Kracz
Ed Kracz


Goood points, but I think the Eagles could really use a lockdown corner. They have tried to find one for so long. He's young, still in his prime, and that first round pick, if the Eagles get where they want to go will be late 20s anyway.