BIRDS365: Ron Jaworksi on Wentz, QB Draft Class, and More; Kevin Kinkead on Eagles Dysfunction

Former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski dished on several topics while Kevin Kinkead of Crossing Broad explains why the Eagles' dysfunction is overblown
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PHILADELPHIA - The Thursday edition of BIRDS365 featured former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski, who gave a deep dive into what he believes will be a historic 2021 QB draft class led by Trevor Lawrence.

Jaws also breaks down the slip in mechanics by Carson Wentz over the past two seasons and gives you the skinny on why Jalen Hurts could succeed as a QB1 in the NFL.

On the committee that hired Doug Pederson, Jaworksi gives his insight on Jeffrey Lurie and whether or not the Eagles owner is as overbearing as some have reported.

In Hour 1, Kevin Kinkead of stopped by to discuss his recent piece on the reported Eagles' dysfunction, noting that the organization has gone through similar issues in the past and came out of it with a Super Bowl LII championship.

Kevin also discusses the Eagles' transparency issues and the recent draft problems as well as the weird Alabama drought at the NovaCare Complex.

Plus Jody Mac and John McMullen bring you up to date on the latest wrangling between the NFL and the Players Association when it comes to offseason work and the latest developments surrounding Deshaun Watson.

Check out the April 15, 2021, show in its entirety right here:

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