Brian Baldinger Gives Views on LT Battle, Miles Sanders, Jalen Hurts, and More

The NFL analyst went on the State of Football Morning Show with Ric Serritella and had some interesting takes on some pivotal Eagles issues and players
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PHILADELPHIA – Jordan Mailata was talking about his conditioning on Monday after Day 5 of Eagles training camp.

He said he took a hard look at himself and wanted to get into more of a “professional routine,” so he spent the seven weeks between June and the start of camp on July 28 in Philadelphia learning things such as when to eat, when to go to sleep, when to wake up, when to work out. All of it.

The natural follow-up question came shortly after his explanation: what do you weigh?

“That’s a question I’ll never tell the answer to,” he answered.

Well, per NFL analyst Brian Baldinger, who went on the State of Football Morning Show with Ric Serritella, Mailata told him he weighs 381 pounds.

You can listen to the show here or watch the attached video:

“At 360, he said he’s too light,” said Baldinger, who added that he believes Mailata will win the starting left tackle job.

“I was at practice last week. They could have a top-three offensive line. They’ve got great depth, they’ve got a great coach (in O-line coach Jeff Stoutland), if you can get Lane Johnson, Brandon Brooks, Isaac Seumalo, I believe Jordan Mailata will win that position at left tackle easily.

“I’m a big fan of Jordan Mailata, you put that group on the field with Dallas Goedert, Miles Sanders, if he stays healthy, with that line, he could easily run for 1,300.”

A healthy O-line, with the weapons mentioned, should, Baldinger reasoned, make Jalen Hurts a better quarterback.

“We’ll see what Jalen Hurts does,” said Baldinger. “I like the man. I like the person. I’m betting on the person. He’s gotta see the field better. He’s gotta throw the ball with touch. He can’t read the rush, but I think the offensive line is going to help him do a lot of those things.”

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