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CAMP NOTEBOOK: Intensity Picking Up as Season Gets Closer

Without preseason games, the Eagles seem to be getting testy, and that may anifest itself in Thursday's planned scrimmage
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PHILADELPHIA – The chirping between the Eagles offensive and defensive players has picked up in intensity as the days have gone on, and that should make for an interesting live scrimmage, which is scheduled for Thursday.

Running back Elijah Holyfield, in particular, was getting under some of the defenders’ skin with some hard, punishing runs in goal-line drills. Holyfield even made a nice touchdown run from about 35 yards when he burst through a big opening in the middle, made a nifty spin move past linebacker Shaun Bradley, then ran in the end zone for a touchdown.

Holyfield tensed his arms at his side and let out a celebration cry, with an expletive thrown in.

On one long run later by Holyfield, Jason Kelce yelled out, “That’s the way Holyfield,” as he ran down the middle of the field.

When Holyfield got stuff on a run up the middle, an Eagles defensive back yelled, “Hey Holyfield, where’s that (bleep) at now?”

Defenders on their sideline yelled occasionally, “Where’s Holyfield at?”

Meanwhile, Kelce’s energy level looks ready for game gameday, as do most of the players. Kelce was running all over the field, yelling encouragement to his teammates or griping to an official who ruled that Ward did not quite cross the goal line after a catch before Will Parks knocked him out of bounds, with Kelce yelling about how bad the spot was.

The Eagles haven’t had a chance to hit anyone else with preseason games canceled, so they appear to be getting antsy, but have to wait another two weeks before heading to Washington for the opener.

Or maybe some of that caged intensity will be unleashed during Thursday’s planned scrimmage before Friday’s day off.

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You throw a guy’s nickname into an answer and suddenly his stock shoots up.

Some context here: Doug Pederson was asked about undrafted free agent Adrian Killins, who is lining up at running back and wide receiver.

“A.K. has really come in - I'll tell you, I've been impressed from the standpoint of his knowledge and understanding,” said the Eagles coach. “We've made him a running back. We've made him a receiver. We've put him in some tough situations. He's handled it extremely well, and he does a nice job as a receiver in that receiving role out of the backfield. He's got really good speed and quickness that is definitely, for a guy his size, beneficial.”

Killins is small, just 5-8, 177. Maybe. But, man, is he fast. Confident, too.

Take this example when he was asked about his speed.

“I’ve always been the fastest person on my football team,” he said. “There are always the guys who wanted to challenge me, thinking they’re faster than me or whatnot, but I held the crown at UCF (University of Central Florida) all four years for being the fastest player on the team. Here with the Philadelphia Eagles, I believe I’m the fastest on the team as well.”

Killins might be hearing from DeSean Jackson about that. Maybe others, too.

“He’s fast, but I mean, shoot, we got a lot of speed on the Eagles this year, I would love to see a race,” said J.J. Arcega-Whiteside. “I would say he has to race everybody in the receiver room before he can move on to everybody else.

“I would throw everybody in the receiving room including myself in the ring before I see a challenge with the whole team. He can move though I’m not going to lie. He can run.”


After quarterback Carson Wentz was knocked in the back of the legs by left tackle Andre Dillard, who was bowled over by a hard-rushing Joe Ostman on one play – and yes, it’s a frightening moment when the QB1 goes to the ground – Wentz appeared to give Dillard a pep talk when the teams later lined up in a drill where the offense starts on its own goal line. Wentz then gave Dillard a pat on the helmet before the huddle was formed.

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