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Davion Taylor, Darius Slay Make Game Turning Play in 30-13 Win vs. Broncos

The linebacker, playing in the state where he played college football, and the cornerback combined to turn the game in the Eagles' favor

DENVER – Davion Taylor had no idea what he had just done. All he saw was Darius Slay with the ball looking to run.

“I tried to make a block but he was making so many moves, I didn’t know who to block,” said the Eagles linebacker who initiated the turning point in the Eagles’ 30-13 win over the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High on Sunday.

“I saw him break and knew he was gone. I knew nobody was going to catch him because I know the speed he has and he really showed it tonight. It was just good to see him get that touchdown after I forced that fumble.”

Taylor popped the ball free from Melvin Gordon while the running back was trying, on second effort, to pick up a first down on a fourth-and-one run that the Eagles had stopped initially, forcing Gordon to keep churning.

At that point, along came Taylor.

Then Slay, who went 83 yards for the touchdown.

“I feel like that play kind of sealed the game for us a little bit, but they were still going to come out and play and get big plays,” said Taylor, who forced a fumble earlier in the game that the Broncos recovered.

“Our mindset after that big play we’re still like all right we have to stop them still because you never know. The game can turnaround.”

Slay started with some shiftiness, then burst through a seam and ran right by Denver QB Teddy Bridgewater, who may have had the best shot at stopping the touchdown run but wanted no part of trying to stop the cornerbacks’ flight to the end zone.

“I was hoping Teddy didn’t try to because I would probably give him a good stiffy,” said Slay. “That’s my dog. Teddy’s my dude. Been playing against him for a long time. I went to him after the game. I said, ‘Were you trying to tackle me?’ He said, ‘Slay, you know I can’t tackle you.’ Because I was out there rolling.”

The touchdown gave the Eagles a 27-13 lead, with the third quarter expiring on Slay’s journey.

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“I knew I was gone,” said Slay. “The fact that I knew it was like 13 personnel, so they had nothing but fat guys out there. I got the ball, I said it’s like they’re in 13, so it’s nothing but big guys, and they ain’t catching me. I’m going. I’m going to return it every time.”

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Nick Sirianni explained the rules on fumble recoveries, and his comment was no less entertaining than Slay’s “fat guys” reference.

“We kind of have a city fumble and a country fumble rule,” said the head coach. “A city fumble is if there are a lot of bodies around, get it on. If it’s a country fumble and there’s not a lot of bodies around, if you’re in West Chester, then you can scoop and score. If you’re in downtown Philly, then you gotta get on the ball.”

Slay was in West Chester.

“That could have been both (city and country),” said Slay. “All I know is city fumbles, country fumbles, they both turn into touchdowns.

“When I saw the ball pop out, I saw the offensive lineman was going to grab it. I just snatched it out of his hands, quick. Nah, give me that. It’s mine.”

For Taylor, it was validation for all the film study and hard work he has done to go from raw rookie to now, a solid contributor at a maligned position group.

He was particularly pleased that it came in a stadium he played in a few times while at the University of Colorado.

“As soon as I stepped off the bus, I put my bags down in the locker room and walked around the field probably twice,” said Taylor.

“I was just imagining my past games here and imagining the stadium full of fans when I played here at CU and embraced it all and was like now my dream is coming true. I told myself I was going to play in an NFL game and saw my dreams come true today and know it was really a blessing.”

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