Doug Pederson Gone, Carson Wentz Maybe, too...Welcome to the Twilight Zone

The fall from grace just three years after winning the Super Bowl is stunning, and now the question is, will there be a team willing to take a chance on the Eagles QB?

"You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

Yes, we have officially arrived here, Eagles fans. Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone.

Doug Pederson fired three years after winning the Super Bowl, which incidentally celebrated its three-year anniversary on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2018.

Carson Wentz traded less than two years after the team gave him a $128 million contract extension. Wait, not traded. Not yet, but the Eagles are taking giant steps in that direction.

Howie Roseman…well, the GM still has his job and the blessing of owner Jeffrey Lurie to keep on keeping on.

Twilight zone, stuff, folks.

Wentz trade talks are reportedly heating up as the NFL enters an arms race this offseason, with so many teams looking to find a quarterback and others looking to upgrade the position.

The first salvo was fired by the Lions and Rams swapping quarterbacks and other draft-pick goodies earlier in the week.

Wentz could be the next domino to fall and the thinking now is, will he survive the weekend on the Eagles’ roster?

It’s very likely that he will still be on the roster when Monday morning dawns, because the NFL does not like to have its Super Bowl weekend upstaged, with the Hall of Fame induction class revealed on Saturday then, of course, the big game on Sunday.

Still, Bleacher Report indicated that Indianapolis was engaged in talks to acquire Wentz.

Later, on Friday afternoon, Colts GM Chris Ballard went on the Dan Dakich show at 107.5 The Fan and said: “There’s no trade going down right now. Not today. Not the Colts.”

He added that his franchise would not operate out of desperation.

Imagine a Wentz reunion with Frank Reich, Press Taylor, and even Mike Groh.

The ideal scenario for the Eagles, in terms of what they would receive in return for Wentz, would be to get a second or even third team interested. Then a bidding war can commence.

There are reports the Bears are engaged as well.

Imagine a Wentz reunion with John DeFilippo, who had his share of resistance from the stubborn Wentz when he was his first QB coach back in 2016 and 2017, and…Nick Foles.

Heck, leaks are springing up everywhere.

Is the chatter real and are teams really calling, or is it the Eagles drumming up interest in a quarterback who seemingly has no interest in forgiving and forgetting whatever it was that fractured his relationship with the organization, who doesn’t appear to have any interest in making good on the contract that has given him generational wealth, and who, oh, by the way, was one of the worst in the league last year?

Owner, Jeffrey Lurie won’t just swallow an NFL-record $34 million in dead money without something to chase the bad taste, will he?

He might have to at this point.

How many teams will sign up to take a quarterback who barely completed more than 57 percent of his throws in 2020, threw a career-high 15 interceptions, absorbed 50 sacks in his 12 starts, and who looked indecisive way too often when he dropped back to throw?

Factor in the myriad health issues in his first five years – the two torn knee ligaments, the back issue, and last year’s concussion in the playoffs – and it, well, it’s a lot to consider.

Perhaps a team that wants Wentz will cling to 2017 and those 13 games he played like an MVP, to the respectable numbers he posted in 2018 and 2019 and think to themselves, maybe a change of scenery will help.

Maybe it will.

In the right place, with the right coach, yeah.

That’s what the Eagles have to hope happens, that the bad stuff is overlooked by another team that believes it can rehabilitate him. 

The Eagles can always try to make Wentz happy if things don't work out on the trade market, but it feels like that ship sailed months ago.

If Wentz is as miserable as reports indicate, they can’t have him possibly poisoning what looks like will be a very young locker room under a new head coach trying to instill a new culture.

It’s just so difficult to believe it has come to this, just three years after winning a Super Bowl, that the fall from grace has been so complete, and so darn fast.

But that is what happens when you’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension of not only sight and sound but of mind…into the Twilight Zone.

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