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Duce Staley "Super Happy" in his Role with Eagles

The assistant head coach/running back was passed over twice to be the offensive coordinator and is entering his 10th season as an assistant coach in Philadelphia

Twice, Duce Staley had the opportunity to become the Eagles’ offensive coordinator. Both times, the team went in a different direction.

Two years ago, when Frank Reich moved on to be the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, the Eagles and head coach Doug Pederson elevated Mike Groh from the receiver coach to OC.

Most recently, the Eagles opted to not have an offensive coordinator in name, but several different coaches in the mix helping develop game plans.

And Staley is OK with that.

Asked specifically during Friday morning’s videoconference call if he felt disappointed or overlooked, Staley said: “Not disappointed at all, don’t feel overlooked."

He pointed to something he said two years ago.

"I said how it’s a little different here with the Eagles and what I mean by that is that we all get a chance to game plan, so that’s what’s unique about our staff.

“We’re able to go into a room, we all have input of course and we all game plan together. We’re not about titles, we’re about getting the job done and that’s what we’ve been doing for a while.”

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When Staley was passed over for Groh, he was given the title of assistant head coach in addition to his role as running back coach.

That is not to say that, at some point, Staley would like a fancy title like offensive coordinator or even head coach.

“Would I like to maybe later on down the road, visit that? Yeah, of course,” said Staley. “We all want to advance. That’s life. But right now, I’m super happy in my role, proud of my role, being an assistant head coach, running back coach, proud of that.

“Doug gives me things. He puts it on my plate and I’m thankful to him for having those opportunities, so I’m excited about where I am and what I’m doing now.”

This will be Staley’s 10th season as an assistant in Philadelphia, having survived coaching changes from Andy Reid to Chip Kelly and now to Pederson.

Staley was also asked about an offseason that saw the NFL revisit its procedures in hiring minorities in roles such as head coach and offensive and defensive coordinators.

“I think the most important thing is having a conversation,” said Staley. “You have to have a starting point, and I think the NFL has started with that by saying OK, we need to talk about it, we need to find out what’s best. I’m pretty sure they’ll come up with something that fits both sides.”

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